NEW UPDATE: Orli Gottesman From ‘Yellowstone’ Reveals What Kelly Reilly Is Really Like Offscreen

Kelly Reilly plays one of the toughest characters in television history in her role as Beth Dutton on Yellowstone, but according to one of her new co-stars, she’s very different when the cameras are not rolling.

Orli Gottesman, who joined the show during Season 5 as a love interest for Carter (Finn Little), named Reilly as the cast member who is the most unlike her character in an interview with Taste of Country in advance of the new season in November.

“Kelly … she’s not at all like her character,” Gottesman shares. “Kelly is the kind of woman who would get stuff done, but not in the way that Beth would. In a completely different way.”

That echoes the thoughts of Brecken Merrill, who plays Tate Dutton on the Paramount Network smash. During a recent appearance on Taste of Country’s Dutton Rules podcast, he said Reilly is completely unlike her character, calling her a “very, very nice woman.”

Yellowstone: Florida teen Orli Gottesman plays Halie on TV show

“She has a British accent, which is very, very surprising to me,” he states. “Her American accent is very, very good. And she’s basically the opposite of Beth. She’s nice and proper, and just happy all along.”

Entertainment Weekly describes Gottesman’s character of Halie as a “confident, fun and outgoing girl who gravitates toward Carter.” The 16-year-old admits she was “freaking out” when she first arrived on the set for her first day of work on the runaway hit show.

“I got out of the car, and then I was like, ‘Oh, no, I’m just gonna stay here,’” she says, smiling at the memory. “‘There’s no reason to leave the car. I’m just gonna wait here until someone needs me.’”

“I was definitely freaking out,” she says, but adds, “It all went really well. The entire production team is so nice. I mean, great conversations with everyone. It kinda went seamlessly.”

Yellowstone‘s Season 5 is currently airing on Sunday nights at 8PM ET on Paramount Network. Season 5 is an extra-long season consisting of 14 episodes, which are set to air in two arcs.

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