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Chrisley Knows Best

Lindsie’s Revelation to FBI Sends Shockwaves Through Chrisley Family!

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Tensions between Lindsie and Savannah have been high in the past few years. It all started with Lindsie feeling Todd neglected her. But the Chrisley Knows Best stars’ feud soon turned into something big.

Savannah had alleged that her half-sister had helped the Government arrest her parents. The star has stood by her claim for a while now. It seems that she might be right, as there is a suspicion that Lindsie had written the Government a letter. There are claims that the letter was against Todd and that the Government used it to arrest the star.

Chrisley Knows Best: Did The Government Use Lindsie’s Letter Against Todd?

Savannah didn’t want Lindsie to attend Todd and Julie’s oral appeal. The star even told her half-sister the same thing. But things had been deteriorating between the two for a while now. In one of her interviews, Savannah said she wasn’t “using” Lindsie as her “punching bag.” On the contrary, she claimed she was “go(ing) off of facts.” Savannah also talked about the old FBI “fiasco.”

Apparently, when Todd first got the legal papers in 2017, Lindsie wanted to protect her son. So she was in contact with the GDOR, Josh Waites. But Savannah thinks the Chrisley Knows Best star sold the family out. Then, in 2022, Dailymail reported that “official documents” indicated Lindsie had worked with the Georgia Tax Department. Some sources also suggest that Lindsie had also said that her father had threatened her with a s*x tape.

Chrisley Knows best

However, new reports revealed that Lindsie had testified in Todd and Julie’s favor. She might also have brushed off the alleged sex tape. Lindsie’s sister, Savannah, feels this move might have annoyed the Jury and the Judge. New sources say that Lindsie had written a letter to the Government against Todd. The Government might have used this letter against Todd. Many fans also think this might have been true.

Since Lindsie quit starring in Chrisley Knows Best star, nobody knew anything concrete about the evidence. However, fans are still discussing their theories about the letter on Reddit. An OP asked if they read “the letter to FBI” in court. Some fans think Lindsie wrote the letter “before the(y) forgave her.” But they feel the “government brought it up when she testified” for the pair. A fan also commented that “someone (had) posted an email” about the letter. However, TV Shows Ace reported that the FBI had read the email in 2022.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Is All Set To Expose Lindsie’s Vileness

Savannah and Lindsie have been fighting for some time now. But it seems things might be hitting an all-time high between the feuding sisters. Savannah even threatened to expose Lindsie’s vile texts on social media. The Chrisley Knows Best star talked about it on her social media.

Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah revealed in a video on her Instagram story that she would do it. The fans quickly went to Reddit to discuss her threat. The OP posted the caption, “Savannah rants about Lindsie pt3.” Continuing the caption, they said Savannah talked about trying to be the bigger person here.” But she would also be “posting screenshots of (Lindsie’s) text messages” soon.

Savannah revealed Lindsie called her “stupid” and “names.” The star was angry at Lindsie and said she tries to make” things “public, So Savannah might do the same.

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