BREAKING: These Two Yellowstone Stars Secretly Got Married!

Reports are swirling that “Yellowstone” stars Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham might have tied the knot.

Both are major figures on “Yellowstone,” and have enjoyed an incredible amount of success. Not only are they stars on the show, but there’s a literal plot line about their characters having a relationship.

That then unfolded in real life after going public with their relationship earlier in the year. Now, it appears they might have taken things to a new level.

Did Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham get married?

Harrison was rocking what appeared to be a wedding ring during a Bingham afterparty performance at the Wynn in Las Vegas, according to TMZ.

While neither has publicly confirmed they’re married, TMZ reported the two got married back in October in Dallas. They previously purchased a ranch together over the summer, according to the same report.

It now appears they took things to the top of the relationship mountain.

Harrison and Bingham are a power couple.

Getting secretly married is straight out of the “Yellowstone” playbook if that’s what happened here, which certainly seems to be the case.

The show is all about suspense and intrigue. Very little as it appears, and a secret marriage is definitely something Taylor Sheridan could cook up as a storyline.

It’s wild Harrison and Bingham – a successful musician – play Laramie and Walker on the hit neo-Western and had an entire arc dedicated to a love triangle also involving Lloyd.


Now, the pair reportedly got hitched without anyone even knowing about it. Honestly, major respect. A lot of celebrities seem to think their weddings should be national events. These two reportedly did it in secret without any attention.

It appears there’s a real chance the public wouldn’t know if the video hadn’t come out from the Wynn.

Also, if you’re not familiar with Hassie Harrison, she’s a fast-rising star and I think there’s a very good chance she will only continue to blow up from here. Let me know what you think of the couple at [email protected].









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