HOT NEW: Yellowstone’s Next Shows Will Be Very Different – Everything You Need to Know

The Dutton family has been at the center of the Yellowstone universe, but that will change with the upcoming spinoffs. Taylor Sheridan’s expansive cowboy drama is set to add two new shows in the near future that will expand to focus on a different ranch and a different character. The upcoming shows are 1883: The Bass Reeves Story and Yellowstone 6666 (pronounced the four sixes) – and each is set to bring big changes to the overall franchise.

Viewers expect each of Taylor Sheridan’s spin-offs to focus on a generation of the Dutton family leading up to the present day. Sheridan forayed outside the cowboy aesthetic with the massively popular Tulsa King, which may or may not be connected to the overall Yellowstone universe. However, 1883: The Bass Reaves Story and Yellowstone 6666 will give audiences a new look beyond the Dutton family’s threshold. Yellowstone 6666 will likely reintroduce ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom and his wife Emily, who left for the Texas ranch in Yellowstone season 4. 1883: The Bass Reeves Story will serve as an anthology to 1883 season 1 rather than a true sequel.

Why The New Yellowstone Spinoffs Will Be So Different

1883: The Bass Reeves Story will be so different as it will focus on the historical figure Bass Reeves, an enslaved man turned U.S. Marshal credited with being the inspiration for The Lone Ranger. Unlike the other shows, it will not focus on a single ranch or family dynamic, but on the life of an extraordinary man who was a legend of his time. The Bass Reeves Story

is likely the most highly anticipated of the upcoming spin-offs.
Yellowstone 6666 will focus on a new ranch, the Four Sixes, which plays a significant role in the Yellowstone show. Sheridan purchased the actual ranch, so the show will likely get an intimate look at the ranch and its rich history. Along with introducing new characters, a new part of the country will also be explored.

Why The Dutton Family Can Still Play An Important Role

The 1883 Dutton family are around in the expansive territory that Bass Reeves covers, so it is possible that he may come across the family in some manner in his show. Sheridan will likely not want to overshadow Reeves, so any appearance will likely be minor and primarily serve to connect the two 1883 seasons. Reeves’ travels brought him along the Oregon Trail before settling in Oklahoma, so his journeys could easily bring him to many places shown in the 1883 series.

Yellowstone 6666 will have an obvious connection to the Dutton family in Yellowstone, as the Four Sixes ranch has been mentioned and teased in the main show. John Dutton also sent Jimmy to work on that ranch, who is rumored to be a big part of the spin-off. While the two upcoming shows will steer away from the Dutton family, they will expand the ongoing universe and give more nuance to the empire the Dutton family has created.

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