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NEW UPDATE: Tearful Janelle Brown Receives Garrison’s Folded Flag, First Pics

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown received her son Garrison’s folded flag in a ceremony on Tuesday. The Brown family was reunited for the event and there was not a dry eye in the house. Continue reading to see the heartbreaking photos as well as the message shared by the Nevada National Guard.

Janelle Brown Accepts Garrison’s Folded Flag With Tears

The first photos of the folded flag ceremony have been released by the Nevada National Guard showing Janelle Brown accepting Garrison’s folded flag. Seated next to her was Hunter Brown and she was surrounded by the Sister Wives family.

Photos of the ceremony were shared on the Nevada National Guard Facebook page along with a heartfelt message about Garrison Brown.

Janelle Brown Garrison's Folded Flag Ceremony
U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Adrianne Lopez.

“Soldiers from the 1st Squadron, 221st Cavalry, along with friends and family, gathered yesterday at the Clark County Armory to honor the memory of Staff Sgt. Robert Garrison Brown, who passed away on March 4th,” the post read. They went on to describe Garrison as a “beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend.”

The post continued, “Known for his adventurous spirit, Brown traveled extensively, exploring multiple countries and continents. He had a passion for comedy, amateur craftsmanship, and adventurous photography, with his night sky photography particularly moving those who viewed it.”

Nevada National Guard officials also acknowledged Garrison Brown’s service as well as his plans for the future. “As a Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard and a proud CAV Scout, Brown exemplified dedication to his country,” the Facebook post read. “He also had a caring nature, pursuing a career in nursing to help others.”

Janelle Brown Garrison's Folded Flag Ceremony 2
U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Adrianne Lopez.

“His memory serves as a reminder to cherish loved ones and prioritize compassion,” the post stated. They concluded the post with details about counseling services that are available for fellow members of the Guard.

Fans Share Their Well Wishes For The Brown Family

In the comment section, a number of people shared their condolences and well wishes for the Brown family. “Rest in peace Garrison. I am so sorry for your loss,” one person wrote. Another thanked the Guard for honoring his memory in such a beautiful way.

“The loss is tremendous. We feel it all for the family. My condolences to the Browns,” a third person commented. There is no doubt that Janelle Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives family has been rocked to their core by the loss of Garrison Brown.

Garrison Brown's Folded Flag Ceremony
U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Adrianne Lopez.

Photos also show a tearful Robyn Brown, seated next to Kody in the front row. Christine Brown and David Wooley were also present. Christine looked to be holding back sobs as Janelle was presented with her late son’s folded flag. Meri Brown took a seat across the aisle from the rest of the family. A number of Garrison’s brothers and sisters were also present and visibly emotional throughout the ceremony.

Garrison Brown passed away on March 4 as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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