Y&R Spoilers Sept 25 – 29: Tucker Retaliates, Adam’s to be Nate’s Assistant, and Diane Makes a Shocking Discovery

Full list of spoilers for Mon Sept 25 to Fri Sept 29.
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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of September 25?

Jack discovers deception at Jabot.

Victor shocks the business world.

Billy threatens Tucker.

Adam tests the waters with Sally, to see how the kiss affected her.

adam apologizes to sally

Sally puts up a wall between her and Adam after reminding him that they agreed to pretend the kiss didn’t happen.

Adam has an agenda, but pretends to Sally he’s coming clean about his feelings for her in the name of being transparent.

Phyllis makes a dangerous deal, forming an alliance with Tucker that leads to more harm than good. Someone from her past resurfaces when she needs a friend the most – Danny Romalotti.

“Well, the gang is all here so what’s the big mystery?” Adam asks.

adam asks what victor wants this time

Victor announces that he will be Nate’s assistant. Nate is shocked.

victor wants adam as Nate's assistant

“I’m glad that we’ve had this time together but, truth be told, this reunion is not really the only reason I’m in town…there’s a matter of some importance that’s brought me here,” Mamie says to Traci and Jack.

mamie tells jack why she's back

“I hate that I put you in that awkward position but I would be lying if I said I was sorry that I kissed you. I can’t stop thinking about it,” Adam tells Sally.

sally takes adam's apology

“You look like you just lost your best friend,” Danny tells Phyllis.

danny returns to genoa city

Monday, September 25
Phyllis crosses the line.

Jack’s suspicious of Billy’s motives.

phyllis arrives at tucker's

Tuesday, September 26

Victor gives Victoria a stern warning.

Veronica Redd returns as Mamie Johnson. She surprises Jack and Tracy.

traci and jack talk to mamie

Wednesday, September 27

Victor surprises Adam with a new assignment. He’s Nate’s assistant.

Mamie interrogates Nate.

Victoria tries to strike a deal with Nick.

victor wants adam as Nate's assistant

Thursday, September 28

Tucker retaliates against Jack.

Diane makes a shocking discovery.

Phyllis receives a surprise visitor — an old friend in Danny Romalotti when Michael Damian returns.

phyllis stunned to see danny return to GC

Friday, September 29

Billy is forced to defend himself.

Audra reveals a secret.

Phyllis stands her ground with Jack.

billy spies on phyllis

Coming up on Y&R the week of October 2!

Nate sets ground rules.

Victor makes Nikki a promise.

Sally confesses to Nick.

A mysterious stranger arrives in Genoa City. Could be Claire Grace, played by Hayley Erin.

victor listens to a proposal from nikki



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