NEW UPDATE: Which Yellowstone Series Is Matthew McConaughey In?

Cowboy drama series Yellowstone is slated to be expanding its universe again with more cast members.

Yellowstone has become a phenomenon after Taylor Sheridan’s show launched back in 2018.

The series led to multiple spin-offs including 1883, 1923, 1944, Lawmen: Bass Reeves and 6666.

The drama continues to grow with the world expanding and fans learning more about the Dutton family’s history.

Which Yellowstone is Matthew McConaughey in?

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey will be appearing in an extension of Yellowstone after the original series wraps up.

Esquire confirmed the news after months of speculation with McConaughey reported to be appearing in an extension of Yellowstone with his own show.

For now, there are no further details about the show after the Paramount Network confirmed the original series would be ending with season five.

The WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes also mean work is on hold both on the original Yellowstone series, which was previously expected to be airing this autumn on the streaming platform before the industrial action kicked in.

Nonetheless, Paramount Media Networks head Chris McCarthy confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter he had 10 projects with Sheridan.

This means fans can expect plenty more from this world in the future.

In the meantime, fans will have to contend with repeats after it was confirmed CBS would be airing old episodes of Yellowstone from September 17.

This marks Yellowstone’s debut on network TV, which might be something of a surprise given the show is known for its foul-language, sex, violence and nudity.

Additionally, streamers are not subject to the same stringent runtimes networks are, which means Yellowstone could mean edits to fit into the schedule.

Fans will have to see if the show makes it onto screens in its original format or if there will be changes to fit its new home on CBS.

Yellowstone season 5, part 1 is streaming on Paramount+ and reruns will start on CBS from September 17


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