Yellowstone’ Watchers on the Edge of Their Seats as Kevin Costner Previews Next Project

Kevin Costner may be nearing the finale of his iconic role in “Yellowstone,” yet his journey through the tales of America’s rugged landscapes is far from over.

As “Yellowstone” wraps up with the second part of season 5 in November, Costner is already deep into his next venture, “Horizon: An American Saga.” Taking on multiple roles, he not only co-writes and stars in this ambitious project but also returns as a director for the first time since his 2003 Western, “Open Range.”

In a burst of excitement, Costner took to Instagram to offer fans a glimpse into the future, sharing a three-minute trailer for what is anticipated to be a sprawling four-part movie saga. He announced, “This summer, the American Saga begins. Horizon: An American Saga — Only in Theaters June 28,” alongside a clip that also made its way to YouTube on February 26.

The announcement ignited a wave of enthusiasm among followers. Comments flooded in with praises like, “Wow, the movie looks great. Can’t wait to see it 🔥👏👏,” and “Oh my, Kevin, I can’t wait to see this. I adore your films. Thank you 🙏.” Another admirer boldly declared, “Unbiased opinion: this looks like it could be the greatest film of all time.

“Horizon: An American Saga” promises to weave a narrative spanning 15 years through the heart of America’s Western expansion, offering perspectives from both the settlers and the Indigenous peoples who first called the land home. The cast is set to dazzle, featuring stars such as Giovanni Ribisi, Sienna Miller, and Luke Wilson. Adding a personal touch, Costner’s 15-year-old son Hayes, shared with ex-wife Christine Baumgartner, will make his acting debut, portraying a younger version of Costner’s character. As seen in the trailer, Hayes embodies the role with a poise beyond his years.

In a heartfelt conversation with People in 2022, Costner revealed, “Hayes plays the namesake character that I actually play in the movie. He’s 13 years old, and the screenplay’s been around longer than that… I kind of did it on purpose, so he could be hanging out with me. I’m like any other parent, I’m trying to figure out, like, ‘This is really neat. You should come be with me.’”

As Kevin Costner transitions from the sweeping vistas of “Yellowstone” to the epic storytelling of “Horizon: An American Saga,” it’s clear that his passion for exploring America’s rich history and challenging landscapes continues to burn brightly, promising audiences new adventures on the horizon.

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