Yellowstone Star Cole Hauser Teases Potential For A Spin-Off With Co-Star Kelly Reilly

As Yellowstone fans await more details on the arrival of Season 5, Part 2, Cole Hauser has teased potential for a future project alongside his co-star Kelly Reilly, who portrays his on-screen love interest, Beth Dutton.

The actor behind the beloved western’s Rip Wheeler spoke with Country Living last month, where he teased that he’s “so focused on finishing Yellowstone the way it needs to be finished right now—well, just the show itself.”

“We’ll see where that leads, but I know that there’s some stuff on the horizon when it comes to Taylor [Sheridan]’s ideas for Kelly Reilly and myself and some of the other cast,” he added. “I’m excited to see where he goes creatively with that but right now it’s just, let’s finish strong; let’s do the best we can.”

In November 2023, Paramount Network had announced the series would conclude its fifth and final installment in November 2024. A March 25 Puck report claimed that “the final episodes” of the series were “already written,” and that filming was set to kick off “in a few weeks” from then.

As for whether Hauser thinks that fans can anticipate this timeline, he told Country Living, “God-willing—your lips to God’s ears.”


The same Puck report had also followed up on a previous Puck report published in February claiming that Hauser and Reilly were seeking out significant pay raises to join one of Sheridan’s spin-offs. The March 25 report had read that in terms of securing higher pay, “they’re closer now, but not there.”

After being asked about spin-offs in an interview with Radio Times in March, Reilly told the outlet, “I just care about finishing [the main show] with as much care and as much passion and as much love as I can muster to put into it.”

“That’s what I care about. I’m sort of prepping for that now [and] that’s my tunnel vision thing that I care about most,” she explained. “And what goes on beyond that? There are discussions, you know. Don’t believe everything you read. It’s just nonsense. But we’re gonna, you know, let’s wait and see. I don’t have an answer right now. But we’ll see.”

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