Yellowstone Season 5: Here’S What Kelly Reilly Thought Of The Beth And Rip Flashbacks

The massively popular neo-western TV drama series Yellowstone has amassed a very loyal, and very large following since the series premiered five seasons ago. The Taylor Sheridan-led series has a knack for beautifully – and sometimes brutally – telling the story of the life of a modern-day cowboy on the nation’s largest ranch. This ranch is owned and operated by the Dutton family which is headed by Kevin Costner’s John Dutton.

With this, the series develops several intense and important relationships on and off the Dutton Ranch. One of the most popular Yellowstone relationships among fans is the romance between Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton (John Dutton’s daughter) and the ranch’s number one ranch hand Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler. Fans of the series know well the connection between Beth and Ripbegan when the two were teenagers. The couple’s marriage in season four was certainly years in the making.

We met Beth and Rip in the present day when the show hit the airwaves. However, Sheridan often gives us glimpses into the past via flashback features, and Kelly Reilly has some thoughts about these important scenes.

Kelly Reilly Discusses The “Soul Level” On Which Beth And Rip Connect

According to Reilly via Looper, it’s fun for her to watch the very early days of the famous Beth and Rip romance. According to the Yellowstone actress, the two characters connect with each other on a “soul level.”

It’s an odd “meeting of souls” the actress adds. “But it works.”

Kelly Reilly also notes that the flashbacks provide greater insight into the hardness that settles in Beth eventually. The very same hardness that makes her the fierce character we all love to love and love to hate on the popular Paramount series.

“You start to see where the hardness has kicked in because last time we saw her, she was crying and she’s lost, and she’s terrified,” Reilly shares. “Then you start to see the beginnings of the monster!”

Kelly Reilly Discusses How The Yellowstone Flashbacks Tell The Big Stories Between Beth and Rip

Kelly Reilly recently got candid in a discussion with The Express noting that it is important for Yellowstone fans to get to know Beth and Rip in the couples’ earliest days. In this discussion, Reilly speaks of Kylie Rogers the actress who portrays young Beth. The actress notes that Rogers is “so talented” and “really embodies the spirit pre-me.”

According to Reilly, she would connect with Rogers before a scene to talk to her. “I [would] say, ‘Yes, you’ve seen Season 1, but she’s not formed yet. When you play her, don’t do an impersonation of what I’m doing.’”

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