‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think Matthew McConaughey’s Post With Cole Hauser Is ‘Foreshadowing’

The future of Yellowstone ranch has been the talk of the town this year. Following the dramatic Yellowstone season 5 mid-season finale, rumors swirled as to the future of its star, Kevin Costner, and how much he’d actually play a role in the next set of season 5 episodes coming this summer. Though Costner’s lawyer rebuffed the claims that he would be mostly vacant from set to focus on his upcoming Western film Horizon, that hasn’t stopped supposed insiders from fueling the rumors, even going so far as to theorize a new spinoff featuring a major Hollywood star.

Fans loved the rumors surrounding a proposed spinoff starring the one and only Matthew McConaughey. The Texas native feels like a natural fit for the ranching empire Taylor Sheridan has created in his series (or even upcoming spinoff series Four Sixes); but right now, nothing is set in stone. After McConaughey shared a photo with longtime pal and Yellowstone star Cole Hauser, fans think this might foreshadow what’s to come and that maybe the Hollywood star would be joining Yellowstone in some capacity opposite Rip Wheeler himself.

In the Instagram post, McConaughey and Hauser are posing at a Texas Longhorns game in Austin, Texas, a throwback from 2006. The caption reads, “keep ridin Cole Kenny, happy birthday, Matthew David.” Hauser turned 48 years old on March 22, celebrating roughly 30 years of friendship with McConaughey after they first met filming Dazed & Confused. So was this just an innocent happy birthday post from one friend to another? Or is this a sign that these two will come together in the Yellowstone universe?

While many commenters paid homage to their roles on Dazed & Confused, a few quickly jumped on what this could mean for Yellowstone fans. “Foreshadowing?” commented one user. Another noted, “The fact that this is RIP will shock me for eternity.” Hauser does look a bit different in everyday life without his signature black cowboy ensemble and black hair.

It’s unclear at this point if this is anything more than McConaughey being a good friend, but it’s safe to say Yellowstone fans would welcome the True Detective star with open arms if a spinoff is, in fact, in the works.

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