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Yellowstone Domination! CBS Welcomes 3.3 Million Die-Hard Fans, Igniting an Unstoppable Craze! Prepare to Be Blown Away!

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Of the 6.6 million people who watched the premiere of Yellowstone on CBS, half of them had never seen the Western drama series before. The Paramount Network original series has begun airing episodes weekly on CBS, starting from the very beginning of the show. It has become the most popular show on Paramount Network, earning 8.19 million live viewers during its latest episode in January.

Now, Variety reports that, of the 6.6 million viewers Yellowstone season 1, episode 1 drew in on CBS, half of them had never seen the show before. This means 3.3 million people were unfamiliar with the series before watching it on CBS. These new viewers could stick with the show until the end, perhaps even switching over to Paramount Network to watch Yellowstone season 5 part 2 when it airs.

Why Yellowstone Is Airing On CBS


CBS is airingYellowstone because there are no new scripted primetime episodes this fall due to the ongoing actors strike and recently ended writers strike. The number of new viewers that have seen the show indicates this decision has been a success. It also underscores that the series may have an audience beyond those who have access to Paramount Network or Peacock, where Yellowstone currently streams.

The success of the series on CBS may also draw viewers toward watching the Yellowstone spinoffs currently available on Paramount+. This includes the prequel series 1883 and 1923, and will soon include other prequels, such as 1944. Two shows that take place after the flagship series are also in development, including a direct sequel starring Matthew McConaughey.

With the Yellowstone universe currently in the middle of a massive expansion, it makes sense for the show to continue branching out to draw more viewers in. However, due to the ongoing actors strike and tension between star Kevin Costner and creator Taylor Sheridan, it remains to be seen when the show will return. Given its popularity, though, it seems ironing out any issues will be of vital importance for the franchise’s future.

Source: Variety

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