Will Zach Roloff Be At Pumpkin Season 2023?

As Pumpkin Season 2023 approaches, fans of the beloved reality show “Little People, Big World” are left wondering if Zach Roloff, along with his wife Tori and their adorable children, will make an appearance. For years, the Roloff family has been an integral part of this seasonal tradition, but recent developments have cast doubt on their participation.

The past relationship between Zach and Tori and the Roloff Farms took a downturn when they couldn’t come to an agreement regarding Zach’s family purchasing a portion of the property. Consequently, they relocated and distanced themselves from the farm.

Zach Roloff, in particular, had been a key figure in conducting private tours during Pumpkin Season in previous years. However, this season, fans were dismayed to learn that private tours were canceled altogether, a revelation made by Matt Roloff on social media.

While Amy Roloff has expressed her intentions to spend time at Roloff Farms during Pumpkin Season, along with her partner Chris, fans are left wondering if they might catch a glimpse of Isabel and Jacob, despite their absence from the show. Jacob Roloff is currently involved in farm work with his father and was recently tagged in one of Matt’s updates. Notably, neither Zach nor Tori received mentions in the same post.

The question on everyone’s minds is whether Zach Roloff will make an appearance at Pumpkin Season 2023. Unfortunately, both Zach and Tori made it evident on the show that they were unlikely to return to Roloff Farms for Pumpkin Season. This reluctance was apparent even when they did make a guest appearance after the farm deal fell through, resulting in an awkward and forced exchange. Tori openly expressed her reluctance to go through a similar experience again.


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Additionally, Zach and Tori no longer reside as close to Roloff Farms as they once did, which raises the possibility that they might explore other properties closer to home to enjoy Pumpkin Season without encountering Matt and Caryn, which could be uncomfortable.

During the show, Zach and Tori acknowledged that their decision would have the greatest impact on their son, Jackson, who had been attending Roloff Farms for Pumpkin Season for many years. For their other children, Lilah and Josiah, not attending would likely have less significance.


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Some fans criticized the couple for taking Jackson away from Matt and Caryn, while others defended them, suggesting that there might be more to the story and that they are acting in the best interest of their son.

Regrettably, the family’s social media activity does little to dispel doubts about Zach Roloff, his wife, or their children’s participation in Pumpkin Season 2023. Nevertheless, fans can still look forward to seeing Matt, Amy, Caryn, Chris, and possibly even Jacob and Isabel.

In light of these developments, the absence of Zach Roloff from Pumpkin Season 2023 leaves fans with mixed emotions. Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for more updates on “Little People, Big World.”

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