Why Jimmy Was The Perfect Choice For Yellowstone’s 6666 Spinoff

Jimmy was kicked out of Yellowstone and sent to Texas’ famous 6666 ranch, and while he’s no cowboy, he’s the perfect lead for the upcoming spinoff.

He might be missed on the main series, but Jefferson White’s Jimmy was the best choice to lead upcoming Yellowstone spinoff 6666. While Taylor Sheridan was coming off the back of acclaimed thrillers like Wind River, few could have anticipated the success of his modern Western saga Yellowstone. Throughout its first five seasons, it became one of the most-watched shows in America and has led to an ever-expanding list of spinoffs. The first was 1883, a Western detailing how the ancestors of the Duttons came to find the land the ranch was built while traveling the Oregon Trail.

Since the acclaim that greeted 1883, Yellowstone has added other spinoffs like 1923 and the upcoming Bass Reeves. There are also reports the main series itself will come to an end, due to disputes between lead Kevin Costner and Sheridan. If that happens, Matthew McConaughey will reportedly front another spinoff that will feature other major characters from Yellowstone. One of the most mysterious offshoots of the universe is 6666, which takes place at the titular, real-life Texas ranch of the same name. The ranch has been featured in past Yellowstone episodes and will be fronted by audience favorite Jimmy.

Jimmy Is The Best Character To Front 6666

When viewers first met Jimmy during Yellowstone season 1, he was a drug dealer with no prospects who was essentially forced – by request of his grandfather – to work at the Dutton ranch. This was a last-ditch effort to save Jimmy from a life of crime, but while he initially hated the cowboy life, his confidence gradually grew and he became part of the ranch. Costner’s Dutton later had Jimmy shipped away to the historic 6666 ranch in season 4 to make a true cowboy out of him, which is to form the basis of the forthcoming spinoff.

With Yellowstone, Jimmy was essentially an avatar for the audience. He knew close to nothing about working on a ranch, so other characters explaining it to him was a way to deliver exposition to audiences too. It helped that there’s something strangely lovable and naive about Jimmy, so even during the harsher moments of his training, viewers were rooting for him. He can play the same role in 6666, with audiences exploring the renowned ranch through his eyes. It appears Rip and Beth moving cattle from Yellowstone during the first half of season 5 will see them end up at 6666, which might finally lead into the new show.

Could Jimmy Ever Return To The Yellowstone Ranch?

The future of Yellowstone itself is currently unknown, thanks to the aforementioned Costner drama. While Jimmy was once branded to the ranch, John saw the change in him during season 5 and permitted him to stay at 6666 with his fiance Emily (Kathryn Kelly) instead. That means Jimmy’s future is the “Four Sixes,” so there’s little reason to return to the Dutton ranch. Of course, that doesn’t rule out potential guest appearances in Yellowstone. 6666 may not prove to be a success either, so he could return to the parent series in later seasons – assuming it’s still running.

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