What Happened to Beth Dutton’s Face on Yellowstone?

Embrace the Shock: Beth Dutton's Face Altered in a Way That Will Leave Yellowstone Fans Speechless!

Throughout Yellowstone, Beth has wound up in some dangerous situations where her life was at risk. However, she is tough and resilient, always fighting no matter what life throws at her.

Beth’s face on Yellowstone has taken some beatings along the way, leaving her with scars to show for it.

She wears her scars with pride, as they are a sign of her bravery and fighting spirit.

But how did Beth Dutton get her facial scars and eye injury?

Beth’s face gets badly hurt on two different occasions on Yellowstone. She is ambushed and assaulted in her office, leaving her with bad bruising on her face. Later, a bomb goes off in her office building leaving her with bad scarring on her face and body.

What Happened When Beth Was Attacked in Season Two?

In season two, Beth is attacked in her office along with her assistant Jason. The attackers are two masked men sent by the Beck brothers to scare Beth.

Right as she is being attacked, Beth is able to send a text to Rip saying “Office help.” The assailants then proceed to attack and assault Beth and kill Jason in the process.

However, Beth is a fighter and refuses to be intimidated by the masked men even though her life is in danger.

Fortunately, Rip comes to her aid and saves her and the two of them then proceed to kill the masked men.

Though Beth makes it out alive, her face is bruised and scarred. She continues to bear the scars of the incident for a long time, not covering them up but instead wearing them with a brave face.

Who Sent the Bomb to Beth’s Office?

At the end of season three, a bomb is sent to Beth’s office in a package. This time, Terrell Riggins carried out the attack through militia after he was hired by Garrett Randall.


When Beth realizes her assistant is about to open an unknown package, she tries to stop her. However, Beth is not quick enough and the bomb immediately explodes as soon as the package is opened, destroying the office.

It is not until the beginning of season four we learn Beth survived the ordeal. She is able to walk out of the building alive though she has horrible scarring.

The Behind-the-Scenes Story of Beth’s Scars

Yellowstone makeup artist Abigail Steele put a lot of thought behind Beth’s scars. They were designed to bring out beauty and dignity in Beth, as she is not ashamed of her injuries.

In addition to her facial scarring, Beth also wore a couple of iterations of the scarred skin throughout season four. Her facial scar was designed to be as realistic as possible, moving with her face as she makes different expressions.

“It did change size five times, so we had five different versions of it. And it was just beautiful, and even into season four, it wasn’t a piece she wore but a color,” said Steele.

It is safe to say that Beth is likely not done collecting scars yet. She is a ferocious fighter and not afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

See a behind-the-scenes mini-documentary of how they created Beth’s scars and the special effects of the explosion below:

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