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Unveiling the Reality of Chase Chrisley’s Gambling Rumors

Todd Chrisley shares three kids with Julie. They have one daughter and two sons. After Todd’s son from his previous marriage, Kyle had a daughter, Julie, and Todd adopted her. But now that Todd is in jail, Todd’s son Chris is caring for Todd’s mom, Nanny Faye.

Fans have often seen Chase “take care” of Nanny Faye. Most of these scenes happened in casinos and were funny. But now that Chase has been actively participating in gambling with Nanny Faye, fans are worried. They fear the Chrisley Knows Best star is developing a gambling addiction.

Chrisley Knows Best: Chase Might Develop A Gambling Problem

Fans have often seen Chase try to control his granny, Nanny Faye, while she gambles. The scenes were hilarious and often happened when Chase was a little younger. In fact, Todd had even put Chase in charge of Nanny Faye once on Chrisley Knows Best. The whole scene was funny both for Todd and the fans.

Now, Todd is in prison, so his kids are stepping up to take on their responsibilities. Savannah takes care of the younger kids, and Chase looks after Nanny Faye. He tries to keep the jolly woman happy and helps her not to remember Todd’s misery. Chase had taken a gambling trip with Nanny Faye. They spent a huge amount of money on the trip.

Back home, Chase is still spending time with Nanny Faye. However, he still gambles money with his grandmother. Fans are worried about the star. They took to Reddit to discuss their concerns. Fans noticed Chase gambles online with Kirgo Casinos. He even streams the ‘game’ on Kick. The fans have seen Chase doubling up his game winnings in further rounds, even when Nanny Faye argues against it.

The OP says the Chrisley Knows Best stars gamble “A LOT.” In fact, they also noticed they play games with “$200-2k per hand” all the time. Other fans agree, saying Chase will be “a washed-up alcoholic” in “25 years” who will most likely wait for “his federal financial crimes.” However, some fans feel that might happen in less than 25 years. A few fans say the game site is a “scam” based in Lithuania. However, some fans also feel this is a paid sponsorship, as Chase often mentions the casino on his TikTok.

Chrisley Knows Best: Nanny Faye & Chase Went On A Gambling Trip

This isn’t the first time Nanny Faye and Chase have gambled together. Chase and Nanny are a hilarious duo. The Chrisley Knows Best pair even took a trip to Palm Springs, California, which became a “roller coaster gambling trip.”

Chrilsey Knows Best

Chase shared the story on Savannah’s podcast, saying he wanted to relax and play God. But Nanny told him to “go to the casino” with her. They went to many casinos, but Nanny wanted more. So, they changed their destination from Nashville to Indiana.

After gambling in Indiana, Nanny Faye asked Chase to give her “$1000” for “gas.” But that quickly turns to “$3000” in a new turn of events. It was a hilarious story, and even the fans loved it! Catch the latest Chrisley Knows Best updates on

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