The Most Exciting Thing About Horizon: An American Saga Is Not Kevin Costner’s Character

While Kevin Costner will star and direct in Horizon: An American Saga, his character isn't the most exciting element of the two-part film.

  •  The star-studded cast of Horizon: An American Saga, including Sienna Miller and Sam Worthington, brings immense talent to the movie.
  •  Kevin Costner’s performance in the Western will be enhanced by acting alongside his award-winning and experienced castmates.
  •  The cast’s experience in dramatic Westerns ensures that Costner’s character will fit seamlessly into the fully-realized Western universe of Horizon: An American Saga.

Oscar-winner Kevin Costner will direct and star in the upcoming two-part western Horizon: An American Saga, but his character is not the most exciting element of the much-anticipated drama. The epic Western has generated headlines due to Costner’s unconventional release plan and the controversy surrounding Costner’s exit from the hit drama Yellowstone to work on the passion project, but there are still fairly few details available. The movies, set in the period both before and after the American Civil War, will focus on the expansion of the American West across several years and likely from multiple perspectives.

Costner’s experience as both a director and actor in Western movies and television has established lofty expectations for the two-part movie and its forthcoming sequels, but Costner’s starring role is not the most exciting bullet in Horizon‘s chamber. While film-making elements like the cinematography and direction will undoubtedly match the epic scope of the movies, they will also be carried by powerful performances from the bevy of talented actors and actresses who will have meaningful roles in the sprawling narrative of both the first and second chapter of Horizon: An American Saga. Given the impressive list of names associated with the films, expectations are justifiably high.

The Horizon: An American Saga Cast Is The Most Exciting Thing About The Films

The star-studded cast is littered with award-winning dramatic actors and actresses.

As exciting as it is to have Kevin Costner back at the center of an epic Western, the list of actors and actresses that will help him carry the Horizon: An American Saga movies is even more compelling. Costner will be joined by the talented Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, and Jena Malone, all in key roles, although details about the actual roles have yet to be released. Miller and Malone are relative newcomers to the Western genre, but Worthington recently starred in Tim Sutton’s Western action drama The Last Son, so he’ll have some experience to draw on for Horizon: An American Saga

The supporting cast is also littered with noteworthy veterans of stage and screen, like Luke Wilson (Idiocracy3:10 to Yuma), Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan), Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy), and Tatanka Means (Killers of the Flower Moon). Costner is even bringing two of his Yellowstone castmates over to Horizon in Danny Huston and Will Patton. Giovanni Ribisi (Saving Private Ryan), Thomas Haden Church (Spider-Man 3), and Jamie Campbell Bower (Stranger Things) are all projected to have supporting roles as well. Over the course of the four planned Horizon: An American Saga movies, Costner expects to have over 170 speaking roles per Variety.

Horizon: An American Saga’s Cast Will Make Kevin Costner’s Character Even Better

Costner’s performance will be enhanced given the dramatic and Western experience of his castmates.

Kevin Costner is one of the most accomplished Western actors working in Hollywood today. His starring roles in SilveradoDances With Wolves, Wyatt Earp, and certainly his role in Yellowstone, have cemented his status as an actor (and director) who is uniquely in tune with what makes Western dramas great. However, the cast that he has lined up for Horizon: An American Saga has the dramatic chops to elevate his performance. With talented costars like Sienna Miller and Sam Worthington to play off of, Costner won’t need to carry every scene he’s in, and he’ll be able to interact with performers who can match his award-winning dramatic gravitas.

Many of the cast members also have experience in dramatic Westerns, which will help ensure that Costner’s performance blends into a fully realized Western setting and dramatic universe. In addition to Sam Worthington, Michael Rooker, Thomas Haden Church, Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, and Tatanka Means have all had significant roles in celebrated Western movies, and that experience will also ensure that Costner is not relied upon to carry the films. Costner’s high-caliber performance in Horizon: An American Saga will be best served as a key part of a quality overarching Western dramatic narrative, which the exciting cast will ensure is fully realized.

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