Surprise Announcement: ‘Yellowstone’ Creator’s New Projekt Could Be A Legendary Western

Taylor Sheridan continues to be an unstoppable force in creating captivating content.

The mastermind behind the “Yellowstone” universe has become arguably the most influential figure in entertainment from a creative standpoint, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

In fact, Sheridan appears to be climbing even higher after securing the rights to S.C. Gwynne’s book “Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History,” according to Deadline.

Haven’t heard of Quanah Parker? No worries, Deadline provides all the details on what to expect.

Taylor Sheridan's New Project Could Be A Legendary Western - outkick |  OutKick

The outlet describes the upcoming project and its plot as follows:

The Comanches were legendary fighters, with young boys able to ride horses bareback by the time they were 6 years old. They were so skilled with the bow and lance that they halted the northern drive of colonial Spain from Mexico and stopped French expansion westward from Louisiana. Part of the story involves Quanah’s mother, Cynthia Ann Parker, who was 9 when she was kidnapped by the Comanches and was a model for the young kidnapped girl in “The Searchers.” In the real story, Parker was married with a child when the rescue attempt was made, and she didn’t want to leave because she had no memory of life before she was taken.

Quanah and the Comanches repelled the Spanish and French, but settlers from the Eastern states proved more formidable. They created the Texas Rangers and armed them with six-shooters, for which the Comanches had no answer.

Taylor Sheridan acquires the rights to the story of legendary Comanche leader Quanah Parker.

This is going to be phenomenal. There’s no doubt about it. I can already envision myself sitting with a massive bowl of popcorn, a cold beer, and not moving an inch while it plays on my screen.

It’s not entirely clear whether this will be a series or a movie. Deadline described it as an “epic” that Sheridan will write and direct, but that doesn’t make it completely clear.

It certainly seems like it could be a movie, but honestly, shouldn’t we be hoping for a series? Sheridan has already proven his mastery when it comes to western series. Why is he so exceptional? Because he portrays characters as imperfect and gritty, unlike the sanitized versions you’d expect from a Disney production. Sheridan excels in depicting the gray areas.

He’s also the man behind “Yellowstone,” “1923,” “1883,” “Wind River,” “Lawmen: Bass Reeves,” and “Hell or High Water.” The guy simply doesn’t miss, and now he’s tackling the life of Quanah Parker.

That last detail from Deadline should have everyone excited. How could you not be?

Quanah and the Comanches drove back the Spanish and French, but the settlers coming from the Eastern states were more formidable. They created the Texas Rangers and fortified them with the six-shooter, for which the Comanches had no answer.

Inject that drama right into my veins immediately.

There’s no release date yet, and it’s likely it won’t be out for a few years. Whenever it does come out, I can guarantee it will be electric. Let me know what you think at David.

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