Stallone Joins Yellowstone: Explosive Filming Sighting Sparks Wild Theories!

The Sheridanverse Explained: Which Taylor Sheridan Shows Take Place In The Same Universe

  • Taylor Sheridan has created a larger universe of TV shows, with Yellowstone at the center and two prequel spinoffs, 1883 and 1923, that focus on different generations of the Dutton family.
  •  Mayor of Kingstown and Tulsa King are standalone shows that are not connected to the Yellowstone universe, with Mayor of Kingstown tackling themes of systemic racism and corruption, and Tulsa King following the story of an exiled New York Mafia man.
  •  Special Ops: Lioness and Lawmen: Bass Reeves are also not part of the Yellowstone universe, with Special Ops: Lioness being inspired by real-life CIA operations and Lawmen: Bass Reeves potentially continuing the true story of one of the first black Deputy U.S. Marshals.
  •  Land Man, an upcoming series set in the modern-day West Texas oil industry, is not confirmed to be connected to the Yellowstone universe.
  •  None of Taylor Sheridan’s feature-length films are officially connected to the Yellowstone universe, but his success as a writer, director, and producer has continued both within and outside the Yellowstone universe.

Writer, director, and showrunner Taylor Sheridan has several celebrated moves and television shows but not all of them are connected to his larger Yellowstone universe. Sheridan has emerged as one of the most influential creative minds in both the modern Western and action genres, having written dozens of films and TV series that have become critically acclaimed fan favorites. His most popular movies include SicarioHell or High WaterWind River, and Those Who Wish Me Dead. Sheridan made his television debut with the incredibly popular Yellowstone series.

Sheridan is also an accomplished actor who has made cameos in several of his own works as well as on classic television series such as CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationNYPD BlueVeronica Mars, and NCIS: Los Angeles. One of his most notable works as an actor is as David Hale in Sons of Anarchy, in which he appeared in 21 episodes. Sheridan plays Travis Wheatley in his Yellowstone series, which is set to conclude in 2024 without the help of series lead Kevin Costner. Sheridan also appeared in two episodes of 1883 as Charles Goodnight. His screenplay for Hell or High Water was nominated for multiple honors including Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

Yellowstone & 4 Other Taylor Sheridan Shows Take Place In The Same Universe


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