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Sources Divulge How Jewel & Kevin Costner Are Handling Heightened Attention On Their Romance

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While things are heating up with Christine Baumgartner and her beau, Josh Connor, things are quite lowkey still with Kevin Costner and his lady love, Jewel. Jewel recently spoke about their romance for the first time in a subtle way earlier this month, talking about how the media attention was quite shocking. And now, inside sources are spilling all the details on how both she and Costner are dealing with the constant media attention and speculation surrounding their relationship.

“The media interest in her romance with Kevin isn’t something she’s used to, but she’s handled it remarkably well,” the source said to InTouch Weekly, adding that “She’s not someone who caters to the spotlight. She can turn it off. Her focus is on keeping her life as normal as possible. She sees Kevin for the sensitive, caring soul he is.”

We truly love to hear that she’s handling it well, and just focusing on the romance rather than public opinion.

And apparently “Kevin’s looking and feeling good. And he’s optimistic about what the future holds,” the source said. “[Jewel] has been the silver lining for Kevin in all this, it’s helped him to rebuild after the divorce and get back to a healthier mindset.”


For those who don’t know, the two confirmed their romance when photos of them cuddling together were leaked to TMZ in early Dec 2023, after musings of them flirting at an island getaway surfaced in Nov 2023.

Since then, they’ve kept their romance on the down low, but insiders have discussed that their friends are over the moon about the prospect of a serious relationship between the two. And speaking of those rumors about remarriage, let’s talk about them.

An insider explained to InTouch that Costner is open to remarrying for a third time. “Kevin just got out of a bad marriage and went through an ugly divorce, but that hasn’t turned him to the idea of getting married again. He feels so good when he’s around Jewel. He’s happier, lighter. And he adores her son.”

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