Sister Wives Update: Leon Brown’s Journey After the Tragic Loss of Garrison

Right now, Leon Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives cast members are navigating through an unimaginable tragedy. It’s been nearly a month since Garrison Brown took his own life, changing the family forever.

Although things will never be the same, many members of the family are picking up the pieces and learning to life again. After seeing a heartbroken Leon in tears at Garrison’s memorial service, fans have been incredibly worried.

A new social media post indicates that Leon and their partner Audrey Kriss have found something to smile about these days. Keep reading to see what Leon shared.

Leon Brown Smiles Again & Spends Time With Loved Ones

Janelle Brown is likely feeling Garrison’s loss the hardest, but his siblings have shared how their death impacted them as well. Maddie Brown Brush has been open with fans on social media. This week, she shared she was exercising again for the first time in weeks.

Leon Brown is an incredibly private person, but they shared a post on social media to let fans know they were smiling again.

Photos from Garrison Brown’s memorial service told a very compelling story. Leon sat among the mourners, clearly devastated. Since the photos emerged, fans expressed concern for their mental health and well-being.

Garrison Brown Memorial
Garrison Brown Memorial

Fortunately, it seems that Leon is in a much better headspace right now.

After visiting Flagstaff for Garrison’s memorial services, Leon and Audrey are back home in Denver. But they’re also accepting visitors from loved ones.

Leon reposted a collage of photos their friend Jill shared on Instagram. Jill captioned the photos, “All my best hugs live in Denver.” In one photo, Leon and Jill have their arms wrapped tightly around each other, showing their close bond.

The former Sister Wives star simple wrote, “heart bursting” at the bottom.

Screenshot from Leon Brown's Instagram story of Leon, Audrey Kriss, and a friend
Leon Brown/Instagram

Although the healing process will be long and difficult, fans are delighted to see Leon Brown in such good spirits.

Audrey Kriss Honors Garrison Brown Through Art

In the wake of Garrison’s passing, Leon’s partner Audrey chose to honor him with a beautiful drawing.

“I’ll never forget you being the warmest & biggest first hug whenever I came into the room,” Audrey captioned their art. “Your presence on this earth is so incredibly missed. I don’t know if I’ll ever find the words to say how truly special of a human you were and are to anyone who knew and got to love you. I’m grateful to have known and been family with you. I’ll remember you with every white monster, click of my camera, starry night sky, and in every Toyota Tacoma. Love you so much Garrison. Until we meet again, I’ll be looking to the stars 🤍✨🌌”


What do you think about Leon’s photos? Did you feel happy to see them smiling and spending time with friends? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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