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Chrisley Knows Best

Shocking Revelation: Chrisley Prosecutor Targeted Todd with Unethical Tactics!

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Todd Chrisley gave an interview from behind bars via his attorney and follow-up videos about it revealed that an investigator in the case literally pinned a picture of Todd on the board to throw at as a target. The video interviews continue to arrive on platform X via Brian Entin from News Nation.

Chrisley Knows Best Alum Savannah Spoke First

Ever since her dad went to prison, Savannah and Chase spoke out about poor prison conditions. Additionally, they believe that their dad was a target. The conviction for fraud and tax-related offenses shocked the family, who believed in his innocence. However, being a surrogate mom to the younger kids takes up a lot of Savannah’s time. In her interview this week, she said that she doesn’t care how long it takes or what it costs, but she’s bringing her parents home.

Todd Chrisley - Instagram
Todd Chrisley – Instagram

Todd Chrisley alleged that someone nearly bled out in prison Additionally, he was allegedly given the incorrect medication. The food is bad, and he “lives on tuna and peanut butter.” These are just some allegations as there are reports of mold infestation and limited air-conditioning in Pensacola. Naturally, Todd and Julie are appealing to at least serve their sentences under house arrest.


Todd Chrisley’s Head On A Dart Board?

In the follow-up interview, there was some discussion about the Chrisley Knows Best couple having some valid claims about their trial. That’s because they were granted the rarely given appeal to have oral arguments. The whole thing about the criminal procedures is that investigators and others in the prosecution remain unbiased. However, it seems that in this instance, there might have been a lean towards scoring points by the prosecution.

Speaking with Todd and Julie Chrisley’s lawyer, he argued that the “criminal justice system has let them down.“ He added, “I believe that they’re going to have a chance now … to argue that effectively.” Asked if it’s “true” that one of the investigators had Todd Chrisley’s “head on a dart board,” the answer was in the affirmative:

Yeah, sad but true. I heard the same thing that the Chrisley’s were targeted and that there was an agent from the Georgia Department of Reveue that actually had Todd’s picture like it was a target and he was aiming at it.

Listeners heard from Brian Entin on the News Nation interview, that other allegations involve searching a “warehouse without a warrant.” – (Daily Mail UK). 

Some people don’t care about the legalities, bias, or the right to a fair trial. In the comments, some people revealed little sympathy for the reality TV star who used to criticize society and the justice system long before he ended up inside.

  • Brian they were guilty on 12 counts. WHO GIVES A F–K WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM IN PRISON. I hope the next cat that falls down they make him eat. Pay your taxes jackass –
  • Justice to her parents.. are they innocent? What justice? – @lazygorrl.

What are your thoughts about an investigator in the case of Todd and Julie Chrisley allegedly pinning a photo on his dart board and using it as a target? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best news.

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