Shocking: Meri Brown Attacked by Grief Police – Fans React with Outrage and Support!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s actions have been under the radar since the passing of Garrison Brown. The latter committed suicide and left a void in the hearts of his family and fans. Hence, the viewers have turned into a ‘grief police’ to slam the family members for their way of grieving the loss. Kody Brown has been staying low-key as usual since the passing of his son. He hasn’t shared any statements or posts since the family tragedy.

Still, the critics have been slamming and accusing him of not loving his son enough. Moreover, Meri Brown has shared her condolences about losing a precious family member. But the haters have started bashing her for continuing her Friday with Friends session on Instagram. A large portion of the audience has now come in to support her and asked if she really deserved the hate.

Sister Wives: Here’s Why Critics Should Stop Hating Meri For Her Behavior After Garrison’s Death

Meri Brown has been grieving the loss of Garrison Brown, just like other family members. All the Sister Wives stars have been handling the loss differently. Some of the members have also returned to social media to distract their minds and cope with the loss. Meri Brown has been doing the same by continuing the weekly session on Instagram.

However, the critics started lashing out at the celeb for exchanging jokes and laughing ‘too soon’ after the family tragedy. Recently, some TLC viewers decided to support the reality TV star and started a Reddit thread. The OP said, “Meri’s latest post doesn’t deserve the hate it’s getting.”

The Sister Wives fan went ahead and explained that horrible comments from people swarmed her latest post. Moreover, the fan highlighted how laughing helps a lot in the healing process for those who lost their loved ones. Further, the OP added, “Meri has met death multiple times. This isn’t her first loss in life. This isn’t her full biological child-like Leon is.”

However, by posting the video on her Instagram, he made it clear that Meri didn’t miss Garrison any less. Additionally, the fan requested the critics to let the family grieve in peace. Several fans came in support of Meri and agreed with the OP. One fan said, “My god, I can’t stand grief police.” The others also agreed that Meri didn’t deserve the hate at all.

Sister Wives: How Are The Other Family Members Coping With The Loss?

Sister Wives fans have been watching the Brown family grieving the loss of Garrison Brown since he committed suicide. Janelle has been sharing several memories of her son and sharing donation updates for the animal shelter on social media. Meanwhile, Mykelti, Maddison, and Logan have shared their tributes with some kind words. They have also encouraged their followers to talk more about mental health.

Sister Wives

Moreover, Christine has made it clear that she had to return to social media to avoid staying in bed all day. The TLC stood her ground for using the platform because her work includes posting on her account. Hence, all the family members have been using different ways to move on in their lives, and they need to be left alone.

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