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Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah’s Treatment of Chloe Angers Fans – What Happened?

Fans Slam Savannah For Embarrassing Chloe

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Savannah Chrisley has been going through a lot lately. The poor Chrisley Knows Best star’s parents are in prison. And she has the custody of her younger brother and niece. This made her a ‘single parent’ at a very stressful time. But she has been trying her best to care for her ‘children.’

However, Savannah recently posted a video regaling an incident. She talked about something embarrassing that happened to Chloe on the way to school. And obviously, the fans are calling her out for embarrassing her ‘younger sister/niece.’

Chrisley Knows Best: Followers Call Savannah Out For “Tormenting” Chloe

Todd’s daughter, Savannah, is currently a single parent to her younger brother and niece. And being a young person, she is obviously still figuring things out. She takes good care of her siblings. And she even tries to be there for them whenever she can. The Chrisley Knows Best star also keeps videoing moments with her family.

However, one of her recent videos upset the fans. Savannah had put up an Instagram story about her niece Chloe. Little Chloe has recently started using a deodorant, and sometimes she forgets to use it. So, in her recent story, Savannah recalled an incident that happened on the way to Chloe’s school. The star talked about how she thought something smelt “BAD” when she got in the car.

Eventually, Savannah realized that Chloe was the source of the smell. However, that wasn’t where Savannah stopped. She went on to say that Chloe hadn’t remembered to use a deodorant. As a result, Savannah made Chloe wipe her armpits. On the way to school, the star then got a deodorant and made Chloe use it.

Fans were disgusted by the video. They slammed Savannah for embarrassing Chloe publicly. They also pointed out that even Chloe was visibly upset as she stormed out of her aunt’s recording. One Chrisley Knows Best fan even felt “sorry for Chloe.” People wanted to know why she was “tormenting” her niece “like her father tormented her.”

Chrisley Knows Best: Someone Is Blackmailing Savannah!

In recent news, fans learned that Savannah had experienced blackmail. Todd Chrisley recently did a telephone interview. In the interview, he talked about the pathetic state of prison and the food. He even revealed that the warden was trying to “break” him. But nothing surprised the fans more than the revelation that somebody blackmailed Savannah.

Chrisley Knows Best

Todd revealed that someone had photographed him while he slept. And that ‘someone’ sent these photos to Savannah as blackmail. They had asked Savannah to pay them $2,600 a month for Todd’s “protection” in prison. And it upset the father-daughter duo.

However, Attorney Jay Surgent had also talked about the photos a while back. But he had never said anything about it being ‘blackmail.’ This incident occurred in July 2023. But now Todd revealed that there is blackmail involved as well

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