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Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah Unveils Shocking Secrets from Todd & Julie’s Prison Life!

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The Chrisley Knows Best family was once very reputable. However, all that has come crumbling down. The reality TV stars Todd and Julie have been found guilty of crimes like bank fraud, wire fraud, tax evasion, and so on. Despite this, they have continued to maintain that they are “innocent” and have a new set of lawyers to file an appeal to put forward a strong case. However, both of them have a combined jail sentence of 19 years. While Todd will be doing 12 years, his wife, Julie, is in for 7. Since they went to prison in January 2023, their eldest daughter, Savannah, has opened up about how her parents have been doing. Keep reading to know all the details about this.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Is Glad Her Parents Are ‘Doing Well’ In Prison!

Savannah Chrisley has been very upfront about her experiences since her parents, Todd and Julie, went to prison. In fact, the Chrisley Knows Best star now has a podcast by the name of unlocked. There, she talks about how her life has changed since her parents had to go to serve their sentence in January 2023. In her latest podcast episode, the young TV star opened up about her parent’s status. Her mother, Julie, was supposed to be in Federal Correctional Institution Marianna. However, she is currently in a medical center of the federal kind situated in Kentucky. Savannah stated that her mother is “working,” going to “church,” and also playing “spades.”

Chrisley Knows Best

On the other hand, Savannah also provided an update about her father, Todd, as well. Apparently, the Chrisley patriarch has started to work within a chapel in his prison. He is currently doing time in Federal Prison Camp Pensacola, Florida. Savannah also talked about hearing stories about how her father has been affecting everyone’s life and “encouraging change.” As per the 25-year-old, her dad has been urging his fellow inmates to know Jesus. It is a known fact that Chrisleys are a highly religious family. They have often talked about opening themselves up to their savior Jesus Christ in difficult situations. In any case, Savannah was at peace that her parents, Todd and Julie, were gradually adapting to prison life and were doing okay.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Calls The System Unfair? Says Her Parents Deserved A Shorter Prison Sentence!

Savannah Chrisley has been in the limelight ever since she started her own podcast, Unlocked. Earlier, her parents, Todd and Julie, were starring in their own audio show, Chrisley Confessions, talking about how their life changed after the court found them guilty of financial fraud. Now. Savannah has taken over with her new show and often gives major details about her family. It turns out that she released a brand-new episode from her show on the same day as the Chrisley couple surrendered themselves to the authorities. Savannah didn’t hold back when talking about her parent’s prison sentence.

Chrisley Knows Best

The 25-year-old mentioned another reality TV star, Jen Shah, from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City or RHSLC. Savannah stated that the woman was found guilty of “telemarketing fraud” and other crimes. But she merely got 6.5 years in prison. Savannah stated that her parents have a combined sentence of 19 years and found this unfair. Todd and Julie continue to maintain that someone from their organization had “framed” them by doing the crimes under their name. They also are planning to file for an appeal, and a new set of lawyers are working towards the same for the couple allegedly getting justice. Do you think Julie and Todd are innocent? Tell us in the comments below.

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