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Savannah Issues An ‘Official Statement’ About Todd & Julie’s DIVORCE Rumours!

Todd and Julie Chrisley, from Chrisley Knows Best, have had an ideal relationship with each other. Fans often used to gush over their bond and chemistry. However, within no time, the tables turned as the iconic couple had to say goodbye to each other and serve their 19 years of combined imprisonment. Todd and Julie are miles apart, which led to rumors of their split. Viewers were speculating that the couple is on the verge of separation now! Amid all this, Savannah Chrisley decided to have a word about her parent’s divorce rumors finally and made a shocking revelation! Are Todd and Julie really parting ways?

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Opens Up About Todd & Julie’s Divorce Rumors

Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie are having a difficult time these days. They are now in separate correctional units and are serving their time of imprisonment. The patriarch is in FPC Pensacola, Florida, while his wife Julie is in FMC Lexington, Kentucky. The couple had to surrender in the initial days of 2023, and it has been around four months since they haven’t seen each other. Hence, fans became skeptical about their relationship as in 30 years of married life. Well, fans began to deduce that Todd and Julie will most likely part ways after being away from each other for years. As these rumors spread like a forest fire, Savannah addressed them.


Savannah issued an “official statement’ about Todd and Julie’s divorce rumors on Facebook. She stated that these speculations were “nasty” and came from the people who want to watch the Chrisley family “torn apart.” The star kid revealed that her parents are still “madly in love.” Savannah made it clear that this “trial” is making Todd and Julie’s bond “stronger” and they would come out with more in love than before. Apparently, the Chrisley Knows Best celeb felt an urgent need to clear the air, as the couple’s “divorce” rumors were taking bizarre turns!

Chrisley Knows Best: Here’s Why Fans Think Todd & Julie Would Part Ways Soon

Fans have witnessed Todd and Julie Chrisley’s marriage on Chrisley Knows Best. They are well aware of their hardcore bond and relationship. But within a few months, things went south, and now the couple could hardly interact with each other. Amid all this, Savannah talked about her mother’s letters on the “Unlocked” podcast. Hence, she revealed that Julie sent her 30-40 days of handwritten letters. As per the star kid, the matrairch wrote how much she missed her husband in prison. She confessed that her parents hadn’t talked for about four months now!

Chrisley Knows Best

This made the viewers wonder if Todd and Julie had trouble in paradise. Several viewers pointed out the fair chance of their divorce. Someone even stated that every year of imprisonment increases the odds that a pair’s marriage will end in a divorce by “35%”. In addition, many users agreed that perhaps Todd and Julie would end up parting ways because of the “blame game.” Apparently, both are behind bars, and it is a human instinct to blame one another for their situation. However, for now, TVSS can confirm that Todd and Julie are not getting a divorce!

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