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Savannah Is Exposing Lindsie’s True Face!

Lindsie and Savannah are half-sisters. They are both Todd’s daughters but have different mothers. Apart from being Todd’s daughters, they were also on the cast of Chrisley Knows Best. But that doesn’t mean that they have the best of the relations.

On the contrary, things between Lindsie and Savannah are tense. They have many differences, and Savannah even believes Lindsie had a hand in Todd and Julie’s imprisonment. But it seems like things may be escalating further. Savannah is out for blood and might expose her step-sister’s vileness soon!

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Threatens To Expose Lindsie’s Vileness!

While Lindsie and Savannah are both Todd’s daughters, they still have many differences. Lindsie is Todd’s daughter from his first marriage with Teresa Terry. But the two got divorced, and then Todd married Julie and had Savannah. While Lindsie had a broken family, Savannah had both her father and mother. So, there might have been some resentment in Lindsie. It is also why Savannah accused Lindsie of helping the government imprison Todd and Julie.

While the fans don’t know if it is indeed true, the sisters are still fighting it out on social media. In fact, things have gone so far that Savannah even told the Chrisley Knows Best fans she’ll expose Lindsie. She talked about exposing the vile texts her half-sister sent her. The star made a video on her Instagram stories promising to dump it all on social media.

Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah’s video made it to Reddit. An OP posted it with the caption, “Savannah rants about Lindsie pt3. In the rant video, she talked about “trying to be the bigger person here.” However, it seemed like Lindsie might have gotten on her nerves. The younger sister said she might be “posting screenshots of text messages” next. Apparently Savannah and Lindsie had a little “back and forth.”

The Chrisley Knows Best star didn’t want her to be at Todd and Julie’s appeal, so Lindsie got angry. Savannah revealed Lindsie had called her “names” and “stupid” and other things. She revealed that her half-sister was furious that Savannah prohibited her from attending the appeal. According to Savannah, Lindise “tries to make” things “public” so she might do the same.

Chrisley Knows Best: The Fans Are Over The Sister Wars

Linsie and Savannah have been fighting for a long time. There is always some or the other issue between the two. But this time, things got a little out of hand. Savannah threatened to make Lindsie’s “vile texts” public. The star even posted a video explaining everything and why she would do it.

Chrisley Knows Best

But the fans might have had enough of the Chrisley Knows Best stars. They took to Reddit to express their anger. Many threw shade at both Savannah and Lindsie. Some advised the sister not to “do this kind of drama in front of the world.” They even called Savannah a “drama queen,” telling her to keep things “private.”

Some fans also think Lindsie feels insecure and guilty, which is why she is “sideways.” Others are calling her “fake.”But all the fans agree that the Chriskey sisters must stop “embarrassing” themselves.

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