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Savannah Gets Emotional As The Aldeans Offer Support

Fans knew the Chrisley family for being rich. They also appeared on USA Network’s Chrisley Knows Best. Julie and Todd were the show’s stars, along with their children and grandkids. But the couple is now serving prison sentences in their tax and fraud evasion case.

Savannah Chrisley had a hard year. Her parents are in prison. Nic Kerdilles, her ex-boyfriend, died. Chrisley even had to be a single parent for her brother and niece. So when Brittany and Jason Aldean invited the three to their Turks home, Savannah got emotional.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Feels Lucky To Have “People” Who “Cared About” Her

Julie and Todd Chrisley spent their Thanksgiving in prison. But Savannah Chrisley still had to plan something for her brother and niece. The Chrisley Knows Best star talked about this holiday on her Unlocked podcast. She told the audience that Jason and Brittany Aldean had come to their rescue.

Chrisley said that Brittany Aldean had asked her about her Thanksgiving plans. And Savannah told her she didn’t “know at this point.” She was “trying to figure it out.” But Brittany told the star to “go to” their “Turks” house. She had insisted that Savannah, Grayson, and Chloe join the Aldeans. Brittany added, “that’s where” the Chrisleys were going.

Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah had become emotional at this point. And she continued to talk about how Brittany and Jason’s kindness made her feel lucky. The star even reminded the people that this showed how “family isn’t just blood.” Chrisley was already having a very emotional holiday as her parents were still in jail.

The Chrisley Knows Best star had also described that “Jason” was “so great to Grayson.” And Jason had even “checked in on” Grayson and “has been a good solid face.” Savannah had also added that they “went out on a boat” on Thanksgiving. The family had “enjoyed each other’s company”.

Chrisley Knows Best: Julie & Todd Experience ‘Thanksgiving Win”

Chrisley Know Best stars Julie and Todd might be back home sooner. The couple experienced a “Thanksgiving win.” Attorney Jay Surgent told RadarOnline that the couple’s appeal has moved forward. So they will now be able to present their case to the court sooner.

Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah Chrisley received the news first. The star had described it as a “Thanksgiving win.” And Savannah was so happy that she was “literally sobbing.” The next date for the hearing is March 25, 2024. However, Savannah had said that this was “one step closer to getting” Todd and Julie home. She also reminded the fans that it was the couple’s “final chance” to plead.

Fans have also rejoiced with the star. Even Todd and Julie were “pleased” with the “progress” news. And now their Attorney is “working” on getting them home even sooner. So the Chrisley couple might spend their holidays in their home soon. The whole family is thankful to God for this miracle.

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