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Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah Drops a Bombshell: Lindsie Working with FBI to Expose Todd and Julie!

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Savannah and Lindsie are half-sisters. But there is no love lost between the two Chrisley Knows Best stars. They are fighting online and on their podcasts. But it seems like the feud won’t cease any time soon.

In fact, the sister-fight is only growing. Lindsie talked about Savannah’s behavior towards her on her podcast. So, even Savannah made things public. But recently, she made another big revelation. Savannah revealed that Lindsie was working with the FBI. The star has revealed on social media that she has proof of Lindsie’s involvement with the FBI.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Reveals Lindsie Was Working With The FBI

Savannah and Lindsie’s sister rivalry might have gone out of hand. The latter always felt Savannah lived a more privileged life than her. But things got rough when Savannah prohibited Lindsie from attending Todd and Julie’s oral appeal. Since Savannah had done so privately, she was upset her half-sister was making things public.

The fans were angry at Savannah as the hearing was public, and she had no authority to ban anyone. But Savannah then told the fans Lindsie was to blame as she was making things public and sending her “vile texts.” The Chrisley Knows Best star then added that her sister had done interviews with the FBI. She also said that Lindsie wrote them some letters that they read in court to convict Todd. The star posted a video on Instagram about the same and said she did things privately.

A fan shared the video on TikTok. In the video, Savannah revealed her “parents didn’t want” Lindsie at the appeal as she was involved “with the government.” She also revealed that “court records” back every claim, including the letter “Lindsie wrote to” the FBI. They “read” it “in court.” Savannah feels Lindsie “discussing this on her podcast” is “interesting” as more “damning articles are coming out.”

The Chrisley Knows Best star claimed Lindsie was doing all this “for a little bit of fame and attention.” Fans were shocked at the accusations. Many could not believe Lindsie worked against “her parents and family.” Others are calling her a “sneaky snitch.” They believe she did all of this out of “jealous(y)” as the Chrisleys “didn’t want her” on TV.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Out For Revenge — Distancing Todd & Lindsie

Since the Savannah-Lindsie feud has been going on for some time now, fans have heard many things. But they have a theory about some of Savannah’s behavior. Savannah revealed she told Lindsie not to attend Todd and Julie’s appeal as they didn’t want her there. But the fans feel there is a bigger plot at play.

Chrisley Knows Best

Chrisley Knows Best fans believe Savannah wants revenge on Lindsie for ousting her parents to the FBI. They think that she is doing so by distancing Lindsie from Todd. Lindsie always felt Todd favored Savannah. And now, Savannah might be trying to enlarge the emotional rift between her father and his daughter.

Fans think this is a way for Savannah to get back at Lindsie. She is trying to harm her half-sister emotionally. Many fans even feel that telling Lindsie not to attend the appeal was intentional. It was Savannah’s way of exacting revenge.

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