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Savannah Chrisley’s Critical Update Sheds Light on Todd & Julie’s Appeal Process

Chrisley Knows Best is a reality TV show that follows the wealthy and eccentric Chrisley family. The show featured Todd and Julie Chrisley, the popular stars that were recently convicted of fraud and tax evasion. The reality series and its spin-offs have reportedly been canceled following the scandal. Todd and Julie were sent to federal prison for a combined total of 19 years by the federal commission. However, Savannah Chrisley, Todd, and Julie’s daughter, recently shared some important updates on the appeal process of his parents’ conviction.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Updates Viewers About Her Parents’ Appeal, Dealing With Government!

The leading Chrisley Knows Best couple was charged with multiple accounts fraud and tax evasion in 2019. Todd and Julie were also accused of hiding their income from IRS. Upon conviction, the pair didn’t plead guilty and were sentenced to 19 years combined by the Jury. According to reports, their defenses could not stand at the desk as the judge didn’t buy them. Julie and Todd maintained their innocence during the trial. Well, their 150-page appeal includes that they were a victim of fabricated evidence shared by a former partner. Since then, the stars have served their sentences in Federal Prison in Florida.

Chrisley Knows Best

Julie and Todd’s daughter Savannah Chrisley recently highlighted her parent’s appeal process. The Host of the “Unlocked” podcast Joined Lawrence Jones on Fox News to update the current situation of the case. The Chrisley Knows Best celeb stated that her parents are doing well in prison, and they are hopeful for a positive outcome. She also expressed concern about the time it would take to deal with the government. Savannah claimed that the family is not afraid and ready to fight the allegations side by side.

According to her, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s lawyer, Alex Little, had filed a 150-page appeal document outlining several errors and violations during the trial. Some reasons for the appeal included a false testimony by an IRS officer with a personal vendetta against Todd. It also mentioned a lack of remorse by the judge, who imposed harsh sentences on the couple. Little said that his clients wanted to clear their names, and both Savannah and him were optimistic about the outcome of the appeal.

Chrisley Knows Best: Fans Give Mixed Reactions To Savannah Chrisley’s Update Over The Appeal!

Savannah Chrisley’s update on the appeal process of her parents sparked a ton of speculation among fans following the legal drama. Some supporters thought Todd and Julie Chrisley’s appeal would be successful and their jail terms would be reduced or reversed. They have expressed hope and faith in her and her family. People have also lauded Savannah for remaining solid and loyal to her parents in the face of adversity.

Chrisley Knows Best

However, some fans are skeptical that Todd and Julie Chrisley’s appeal will make any difference and that their prison terms will remain or even increase. Besides, they have pointed out their heinous deeds and the evidence against them. The audience has also criticized the star for being blind and ignorant of her parents’ guilt and wrongdoing.

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