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Savannah Chrisley Breaks Her Silence on Bizarre ‘Toe Sucking’ Allegations

Savannah Chrisley has spoken out about “toe sucking”. There is a lot that was said about it. However, she has given her opinion on the subject. Savannah has had to take on a lot of responsibility in the last couple of years. She has taken over the guardianship of her two younger siblings. She has also been advocating for her parents and trying to get them out of prison.

Savannah Chrisley Speaks On Toe Sucking

Savannah is not a fan of toe-sucking. She made it obvious on her podcast.

“Guys, the amount of weirdos that want to see my feet. There was one guy that said ‘I want to suck on your toes’. Like what in the hell is wrong with people? If someone ever tried to do that to me, I would lose my sh*t. I would lose my cool.”

It seems that she has been getting a lot of messages about her feet. However, she is not a fan and finds it weird. It makes her uncomfortable. Some fans did not agree with what she was saying and honestly thought she was acting entitled.

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Fans React To What She Said

Fans have reacted to what Savannah said.

  • “Kink shaming is not cute on a girl, savannuh… I’m a girl and I like my toes sucked by a man who knows everything else I like too, jeez. She’s so bitter and unpleasured in life without her luxuries. Get your toes sucked. Puhlease”
  • “She’s obviously the most “vanilla missionary with her eyes closed and the lights off” person ever”
  • “Money is the only thing that makes her happy.”
  • “Well savannah, it’s none of your fucking business what people do in their own bedrooms. So stfu you perv.”
  • “Attention, Money, Luxury Goods and Rich men are her vices”

People do not appreciate her shaming the “kink”. However, she has a right to say her feelings about something. People just did not like the way she addressed it.

Savannah Chrisley - Growing Up Chrisley - E Entertainment YouTube

It seems that Savannah would never be okay with toe-sucking. However, some fans think that she was entitled to say that. She is entitled to her opinion, but fans do not like how she delivered it. Julie should hopefully be home this year and Savannah is hoping she will be home by Thanksgiving. They are still working to get Todd out, but they are hopeful. What do you think about what Savannah said? Sound off in the comments below.

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