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Chrisley Knows Best

Our thoughts and prayers are with Todd Chrisley during this difficult times…

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Chrisley Knows Best family is dealing with the toughest phase of their lives. Todd and Julie are serving their 19 years of combined imprisonment in separate correctional units. On the other hand, Savannah is looking after her brother and niece. Indeed, this might have affected the parents’ mental health as well. The star kid has already opened up about her suicide attempt in the past and now talks about her father. Savannah revealed Todd’s multiple therapy sessions before he went to prison. Was the patriarch struggling with mental health issues?

Chrisley knows Best: Savannah Reveals Todd Went Therapies

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah recently talked about her and Todd’s mental health during her latest edition of the Unlocked podcast. She was in a conversation with mental health and addiction awareness advocate Patrick Custer. The celeb revealed that her father was in a “lot of therapy” in the past year. Apparently, many things were happening that led to a lot of “trauma” in Todd’s life. Hence, before he went to prison, he was actually dealing with his own mental health issues. As per Savannah, her father started using his “words” more than “humor.”


Intially, fans felt that Todd was probably using his humor as his defense mechanism. But before he went to prison, he started to talk about things in detail. As per Savannah, her father became really “patient” and also was able to “dig deep” into conversations rather than using humor as a “deflection.” She further explained how she finally understood that her parents were “humans,” too. Amid all the legal issues, Savannah realized that Todd and Julie weren’t “superheroes,” and they also go through the tough stuff in their life.

Savannah admitted that it was heartbreaking for her to realize that her parents couldn’t fix everything. Yet, she is really proud of their evolution. She mentioned Todd and explained how it had been an honor for her to watch her dad’s progress in his life.

Chrisley Knows Best: Is Todd Guilty? Blames His Greed!

After a series of hearings and investigations, Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie were sentenced to 19 years of combined imprisonment. They were accused of several crimes like tax evasion and bank fraud. However, the couple never accepted their mistake and always claimed that they were tricked into the situation and were innocent. Though Todd and Julie have a team of lawyers trying to get an appeal from the court, it seems that he is also losing hope now. Recently, a source revealed that he has now started to feel “hopeless and broken.”

Chrisley Knows Best

Recently, an insider revealed that Todd has started to blame his “greed” for the current situation. Usually, he used to portray himself as a “happy camper,” but he definitely is not the same from the inside anymore. As per the source, the patriarch realized that his children were paying the price of his “greed.” After being in prison for about four months, Todd has started to become anxious because 12 years is a really long time.

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