NEW UPDATE: ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Aren’t Holding Back After Cole Hauser Shares Epic Career News on Instagram

Looks like Rip Wheeler is going from cattle rancher to coffee distributor.

Folks, it looks like we’ve finally figured out what’s next for Rip Wheeler. As the Paramount Network prepares to air the final episodes of Yellowstone‘s season 5, it seems that star Cole Hauser is already busy working on a new project.

In a post uploaded to Instagram on August 9, he gave fans a sneak peek of his new career venture.

Posting several images of himself drinking from a coffee mug, the actor announced that he has founded a beverage company called Free Rein Coffee. What’s more, he detailed some of what the business stands for in a lengthy caption:

“I’ve grown up around cowboys my whole life. And I can tell you, there’s nobody on earth who works harder. I’m proud to announce that I’ve decided to start a coffee company inspired by these men and women who wake up before the dawn. Not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard. Free Rein is for anyone who gets up and works like a cowboy, gets up and chases a dream, or gets up and just feels like having a damn good cup of coffee. So, get up and get after it. Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

Cole isn’t the only person excited by his new career move. As soon as Yellowstone

fans caught wind of the news, they immediately rushed tho congratulate him in the comments.
“Well you had me at Rip 😍,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Coffee just got a whole new meaning 🔥,” a different follower added. “I’m so so excited for this!!!” another rejoiced.

While it’s unclear exactly when Yellowstone will return to air the final episodes of season 5, Cole did detail when fans can expect to start drinking his coffee.

In a separate Instagram he posted on August 11, he confirmed that people can start purchasing Free Rein coffee products sometime this fall.


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A post shared by Cole Hauser (@colehauser22)

“I am excited that the news is finally out there on something special I have been working on for years. My coffee company, Free Rein, is coming to everyone this Fall. I hope this company and its message inspires men and women from all walks of life to get up and chase after their dreams and ambitions.”

Congrats, Cole!


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