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BIG UPDATE: Yellowstone 6666 Trailer is Going to Change EVERYTHING With Jimmy & Teeter!

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6666″: Everything You Need to Know About the New “Yellowstone” Spinoff and Its Cast, Including Jen Landon

Yellowstone 6666 Cast Revealed – Jen Landon (Teeter) is in 6666!

Based on the brilliant actors of Yellowstone and 1883, we can already claim that the 6666 cast will be completely epic.

It’s been almost a year since Taylor Sheridan first announced 6666, a spin-off series to Yellowstone. This was more than we could imagine, as our brilliant Sheridan took the bold step and decided to focus on the center of the country life by filming a show in Texas. Even though we love Montana, Texas will always have a special place in the country lovers’ hearts. Besides, we cannot think of anyone better than Sheridan to film a country series in Texas.

6666 News

So, in our opinion, it is a match made in heaven and we love even to think about it. The only problem is the fact that the show is still at the development stage, which is something we struggle to understand. We know that it was a long process for Sheridan to buy the 4 Sixes Ranch in Texas. The ranch belonged to the Burnett family since Samuel Burnett founded it back in 1870 when he was only 19. Since then, the ranch never has shifted owners.

Therefore, Sheridan has a big responsibility on his shoulders as he has to follow the family legacy and tradition in this historical race while also modernizing it at the same time. His luck comes from the fact that he will turn some parts of the ranch into a film set, which is somewhat of a secure way of making sure the ranch brings profit.

Of course, if it was for anyone but Sheridan, we wouldn’t be so sure that the show that will take place in 6666 will be a hit. But, we are sure that anything Sheridan makes has a special charm and the fans will follow him wherever he goes. Now, all we want to know is the juicy details about the show a.k.a. its release date, plot, and most importantly, the cast.

Sheridan has made a very smart and innovative move when it comes to the marketing and advertising of 6666. He did not release a trailer or made interviews on every single talk show. Instead, he integrated the base story of 6666 and 6666 cast into its number one hit show, Yellowstone. That is to say, we got to watch parts of 6666 in Yellowstone Season 4. So, we have an idea about what to expect from 6666 cast, even though the show is still in the development stage.

6666 Cast

First of all, we know that our beloved Jimmy, who is played by Jefferson White, will be part of 6666 cast from now on. We also know that he has a new lover, named Emily who is played by Kathryn Kelly. The couple’s relationship did not start as smoothly as we wished for. When they met, Jimmy was still trying to figure things out with Mia, but he was afraid of communicating. He left Mia in Yellowstone, knowing that she was upset with him. John even advised him that if she is still waiting for him when he returns then he would know that she truly loved him.

Well, interestingly enough, Jimmy has been the one who did not wait for Mia. Instead, he hooked up with Emily and even fell in love. His love was big enough to bring her to Yellowstone alongside him. Naturally, this did not sit right with Mia, who was still loving Jimmy. So, there has been some nasty fighting for Jimmy, which is something we are still trying to figure out today. In a nutshell, we know that Jimmy and Emily will be some of our main protagonists in 6666 cast.

We also saw Barry Corbin in one of the episodes, suggesting that he is likely to be in the show as well. There is also the rumor that Ryan Bingham, the bad boy of Yellowstone, will also end up in 6666 cast. After all his fights with Lloyd in Yellowstone Season 4, we expect him to take a stance for his life, which might lead him to move to 6666 cast.

There is also the rumor that our beloved Teeter will be in 6666 as well. Can you believe it? Well, we can. After John decided to fire her even though she had nothing to do with anything, Teeter’s confidence in Yellowstone got damaged. Thus, we believe she would be willing to move to a place where she feels safer.

What do you think about 6666? Which Yellowstone actor would you like to see in 6666?

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