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NEW UPDATE: What Happened To Savannah’s Face? Why Does She Look Like That?

Savannah Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best has been getting attention these days while trying to seek justice for her imprisoned parents. She is managing the entire Chrisley family while dealing with Todd and Julie in jail. At the same time, she is setting the perfect example of balancing every area of her life.

It seems like, apart from giving time to her family, Savannah decided to do something to her face. Fans were shocked when they first noticed it. So, what is it that’s new about her?

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Opens Up About A Big Change On Her Face!

Savannah Chrisley likes opening up about the updates from her life with fans. She usually shares her past experiences and present life updates on her podcast. Other than that, the Chrisley Knows Best celeb engages with her audience through video and pictures.

Fans of the show always praised her genuine and strong personality. Well, Savannah is all about enjoying the new experience these days. Seemingly, she is ready for the premiere of her new family series. Moreover, she also started dating again after moving on from her previous relationship.

Recently, the USA Network star shared a new video on her Instagram. In it, she recorded herself while sitting in the driving seat of her car. Savannah explained to her fans that she had gotten lip fillers before. So, she had been enjoying her improved look for the past couple of years.

Chrisley Knows Best

However, the young reality TV celeb revealed that she is planning to ditch altering her looks. In fact, Savannah already started the process of dissolving her lip fillers. She went ahead to express her excitement to get rid of the same.

Moreover, Savannah said, “so that I can start afresh and have just a more natural look.” Well, it looks like the USA Network star is ready to embrace her natural beauty. It was rare to see such a thing as most celebrities are very casual about getting new procedures done to them, Savannah wanted to do the opposite.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Upsets Fans For Her Desperation For Staying In The Headlines!

Savannah likes turning heads with her new life updates. However, her recent Instagram post left the Chrisley Knows Best fans upset. Recently, the reality TV star shared a link on her Facebook profile with a sonography picture. She wrote, “ So excited to finally CONFIRM the big news!”

Savannah also added, “It’s a girl.” However, fans got angry after clicking on the link. They found that the USA Network star was just sharing an article about the most popular celebrities in 2023 who had announced their pregnancies.” A fan took to Reddit to post, “The desperation is deafening.”

Many others agreed with the OP and stated that Savannah was quite desperate to be the center of attraction. Do you think she is dissolving fillers for the limelight?

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