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NEW UPDATE: The End is Near for Yellowstone – And Kelly Reilly’s Update Just Confirms It

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Kelly Reilly is preparing to move past Yellowstone.

The 45-year-old British actress, who portrays Beth Dutton in the show, has been busy booking other gigs which indicates that her tenure on Yellowstone is due to come to an end.

It was recently reported by Deadline that Reilly is attached to an upcoming coming-of-age movie Little Wing, alongside Brian Cox (Succession) and Brooklynn Prince (Cocaine Bear).

Additionally, Reilly has been busy during the season five hiatus of Yellowstone, shooting two other movies – Here and A Haunting in Venice. The actress, who is also known for her roles in Pride & Prejudice and Eden Lake has had little trouble garnering work post-Yellowstone.

And, according to sources, it seems just fine for Reilly who, like the rest of the Yellowstone cast, is preparing for the inevitable considering Kevin Costner began feuding with series creator Taylor Sheridan back in February, and there is little to no indication that anything has been patched over.

Both Sheridan and Costner were no-shows at this year’s PaleyFest, an event the cast of Yellowstone was supposed to headline. Rather, the majority of the cast (including Reilly) did not decide to make an appearance, fueling additional rumors that Yellowstone is, indeed, over.

Despite whatever may happen with Yellowstone, the future looks secure for Reilly. In addition to the aforementioned upcoming releases, Reilly is also in the new Amazon Prime series Greek Salad (Salade grecque).

The series is the latest installment of the L’auberge espagnole movie trilogy and revolves around a group that relocates to Athens after inheriting property. In the show, Reilly plays the role of Wendy and has appeared in a few episodes thus far.

Yellowstone may be done, but Kelly Reilly does not appear destined for the same fate. She’s already off to a tremendous start in 2023 considering all the projects she has already booked, with more here on the horizon. It may just change the opinion of the British actress, who has evolved into one of the more infamous characters on Yellowstone.

Redditors seem to agree that at this point it’s a wise career decision because the character has become so unlikeable.

In fact, leaving Yellowstone may be precisely the break Beth Dutton needs to blossom as an actress. She is clearly not popular in that role (and the TV show has truly lost its luster), so why progress to something new?

It’s the route that the eldest Dutton (Kevin Costner) appears to be taking and, as history has demonstrated, Beth rarely strays far from the action of her father. See more

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