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NEW UPDATE: Savannah Recounts Todd Chrisley’s Experience Upon Learning of Nic Kerdiles’ Death

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah met Nic Kerdiles as her brother Chase’s friend. Kerdiles has been deeply involved in the family even before dating Savannah. Todd and Julie also started treating him like their own son. They had a unique bond with the late USA network star. Savannah always boasted about the way her family treated her boyfriend. She also complained about Todd for taking Nic’s side more than her.

Todd and Julie were extremely excited about the pair’s wedding. Hence, it was tough for them to deal with their breakup. Still, Todd didn’t leave Nic and maintained his friendship. The former was in prison when Kerdiles passed away after a fatal bike accident. Recently, Savannah revealed how she broke the heartbreaking news to her dad after Nic’s death.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Shares How She Told Todd About Nic’s Death!

Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles were no longer engaged before his death. Still, the latter was a precious member of her after spending several years with him. Savannah’s world turned upside down after learning that his ex passed away in a fatal accident. Recently, the Chrisley Knows Best star revealed how she gave the news of Nic’s death to her dad.

She opened up about everything that went on that day during her Unlocked podcast. She shared how she found out about the death of Kerdiles on March 26 while on a flight to meet her dad, Todd Chrisley. The reality TV celeb recalled the sad feeling of knowing that she would be the first to break the news to the reality TV star.

Chrisley Knows Best

She continued, “I walked into that prison visiting room a hot mess, let me tell you, like just makeup all over my face.” Moreover, the Chrisley Knows Best star talked about removing all her makeup before meeting her father. However, Todd knew that something was off as soon as he saw her. Savannah went ahead and expressed how she uttered the word ‘Nic’ after Todd asked her what was wrong with her.

Still, she was grateful to be the first to break the news to him so he didn’t have to deal with that alone. Further, she admitted that her dad and Nic were best friends, which always caused a rift between her and Todd. She said, “I felt like he chose Nic over me at times, and I’m like, ‘I’m your daughter, choose me.”

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Broke Into Tears After Reading Julie’s Letter On 27th Anniversary With Todd!

Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie, who have been completing their jail term in different prisons. Savannah often expresses her emotions on seeing her mom and dad spending their toughest time away from each other. Recently, the reality TV celeb shared a heartbreaking letter from Julie that she wrote on her 27th anniversary. Savannah’s mom wrote, “Happy Anniversary, today is our 27th anniversary.

Savannah held her tears back before she continued reading the letter. In it, Julie expressed her feelings about God testing her patience and spending the anniversary away from Todd for the first time. The reality TV star admitted that she wasn’t able to have more patience and hoped to get through it soon.

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