NEW UPDATE: Matthew McConaughey Ditching Yellowstone Spinoff After Personal Conflict?

Matthew McConaughey is reportedly considering stepping away from the highly anticipated Yellowstone spinoff as his salary is yet to be finalized. According to insiders, the actor is facing challenges in scheduling movie projects that may overlap with the show due to the prolonged negotiations. He is rumored to be asking for $2.5 million per episode.

Longest Deal Yet

“No deal has ever taken this long for Matthew,” the insider said. “Especially after he won his Oscar, getting folks to meet his asking price has been a breeze.”

Moreover, series creator Taylor Sheridan’s reputation is reportedly not sitting well with the actor. Matthew McConaughey, known for his laid-back attitude, is said to be uncomfortable with previous behind-the-scenes tension on the Yellowstone set.

Taylor Sheridan At Odds With Kevin Costner

Sheridan recently found himself at odds with Yellowstone star Kevin Costner due to scheduling conflicts, resulting in the actor leaving the show.

The issues between the pair also caused premiere delays for the series’ final chapter. “Taylor’s got a reputation for being a jerk with a God complex,” the insider added. “Matthew doesn’t particularly like behind-the-scenes drama.”

Yellowstone On Paramount

Yellowstone premiered on the Paramount Network in June 2018. Created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, the series is centered around the Dutton family, owners of the largest contiguous ranch in the United States, located in Montana’s picturesque but challenging landscape.

Led by patriarch John Dutton, the family faces challenges with land developers, Native American reservations, and the government.

Yellowstone Spinoffs

In late 2023, Paramount Network shared some information about the Matthew McConaughey spinoff and announced that the final episodes of Yellowstone would be released in November 2024.

The titles for the two new series being added to the Showtime and Paramount+ lineup remain undisclosed, with the studio using the temporary monikers “1944” and “2024.”

The latter is likely a direct sequel to Yellowstone, poised to pick up the narrative follow ing the conclusion of the original series. The upcoming spinoff will feature Matthew McConaughey in the lead, though details about the future Yellowstone


storyline remain scarce. 

Meanwhile, the working title of the other spinoff hints that the prequel will explore pivotal historical moments.

Previous Spinoffs

Given the association of 1944 with the Nazis and World War II, it suggests that the Dutton ancestors will grapple with this historical crisis.

Previous spinoffs delved into issues relevant to the title years 1883 and 1923, while the standalone series Lawmen: Bass Reeves, though not directly linked to the main narrative, is considered a “sister” to the broader Yellowstone universe.

In March 2023, the head of Paramount’s Media Networks, Chris McCarthy, officially confirmed Matthew McConaughey would be joining the Yellowstone universe.

Describing the upcoming series as a “new chapter, Taylor Sheridan described the actor as a natural fit. He also stated that after a few brainstorming sessions, McConaughey began watching Yellowstone and felt a strong connection to it.

Matthew McConaughey Projects

As negotiations for Matthew McConaughey’s involvement in Yellowstone continue, the actor has been working on a few other projects.

McConaughey lent his voice to the titular character in Agent Elvis, an adult animated sitcom. Developed by Priscilla Presley, John Eddie, and Mike Arnold, the series follows the adventures of iconic rock ‘n roll star Elvis Presley, who leads a double life as a secret agent.

Adding to his diverse projects, Matthew McConaughey is joining forces with Woody Harrelson for the Apple TV+ comedy series Brother From Another Mother. Created by creator David West Read, the show consists of 10 episodes and features the actors portraying fictionalized versions of themselves.

The story focuses on the comedic challenge of cohabiting on a Texas ranch alongside their respective families.

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