NEW UPDATE: Matt Roloff’s Fun Changes to Farm for Pumpkin Season

Matt Roloff, renowned from the reality show “Little People, Big World,” is all set to unveil the delightful alterations he’s made to his farm for this year’s pumpkin season. Eagerly anticipating the public’s reaction, Matt Roloff is thrilled to showcase the fun-filled activities he has in store.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Unveils His Farm for Pumpkin Season

As pumpkin season kicks off, Matt Roloff can’t contain his enthusiasm, proclaiming this year to be one of the most promising yet. In a bid to provide a sneak peek into the farm’s offerings before its official opening, Matt Roloff invites everyone to witness why he’s so confident in the prospects of this pumpkin season.

The reality star from “Little People, Big World” discloses a captivating transformation in the children’s area. The beloved “trike track” has been relocated to a different part of the farm, offering kids the joy of tricycle rides on a dedicated track. Matt Roloff expresses immense pride and joy in this new feature, believing it will be a hit among his grandchildren.

Matt reveals that the track itself was constructed using old tunnels, a valuable contribution from his son Jacob Roloff and remnants from the old farm. Moreover, a brand-new bridge has been added to enhance the experience.

Within the same vicinity, Matt introduces the “ducky derby,” an engaging attraction where rubber ducks take the stage for a race. He clarifies that these ducks are not of the living variety, alleviating concerns about racing real ducks.

Matt Showcases Exciting Farm Additions

In addition to these remarkable changes, the farm now boasts a charming coffee house. Matt’s inspiration for this venture came from an old shed initially used for storage of miscellaneous items, including old chairs. In a creative turn of events, he transformed it into a delightful coffee haven.

A new area has also been established for pumpkin season, conveniently located near the central station, serving as a hub for directional guidance throughout the farm.

However, one particular aspect of the farm has Matt exceptionally excited – his own home. Even though it is currently under construction, visitors will have the unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of his residence from a distance, a feature Matt finds genuinely intriguing.

Little People, Big World Celebrity Brings Back Beloved Attractions

Matt Roloff has a special treat in store for fans by reintroducing some all-time favorite attractions. The beloved country store is returning for another season, serving as the ultimate destination for fall essentials, including pumpkins. Additionally, the ever-popular air guns, offering the thrill of shooting apples at targets, and the enchanting pirate ship are making a grand comeback.

The “Little People, Big World” cast member firmly believes that everyone should experience the enhancements made to this year’s pumpkin season. There are numerous new and exciting features awaiting visitors, collectively breathing new life into the entire area.

Matt extends his heartfelt appreciation to all those planning to attend pumpkin season this year, confidently proclaiming it to be a “fun-filled year” that rivals even the excitement of Disneyland.

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