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NEW UPDATE: Julie’s Fancy & Expensive Christmas Meal Inside Prison Revealed!

Julie and Todd are in prison for fraud and evading taxes. The pair is serving a combined sentence of 19 years. However, both are in separate prisons. While Todd is in the Federal Prison Camp Pensacola, Julie is in FMC Lexington. The Chrisley Knows Best couple had to spend their festival holidays in prison.

And they’ll have to do the same for Christmas. But that doesn’t mean it will be all gloomy. In fact, Julie’s prison Christmas food menu is really festive. Read to know what she will be eating on Xmas in prison.

Chrisley Knows Best: Julie Getting A Festive Christmas Meal In Prison

Todd and Julie were really sad that they had to spend their Thanksgiving in prison. And now they are spending their Christmas there as well. The Chrisley Knows Best pair is in separate prisons. Todd is in the Pensacola Prison Camp, and Julie is in FMC Lexington. While Todd complained about food in his prison, Julie might be getting a very festive meal! got an inside report of FMC Lexington’s Christmas menu. A representative reported that the inmates would get cheese, Danish, strawberries, and oatmeal. There will also be fresh fruits and chocolate milk. After the hefty breakfast, there will also be a heavy lunch. The menu includes either a turkey roast or a spinach quiche. The inmates will also have baked yams, marshmallows, macaroni, and cheese or garlic macaroni.

Chrisley Knows Best

Prisoners will also have dressing options for their meals. The options available are cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, and cream gravy. Along with this, there will be a pecan pie, fresh fruits, and dinner rolls. The Julie’s Christmas will end with a light meal of tuna packs, wheat bread, peanut butter, and crackers. For dessert, there is pie and an 18-ounce pack of holiday cookies.

The prison also has some games and entertainment planned. Its recreational department is planning to have a holiday bingo and billiards game. There will also be card games and basketball. RadarOnline revealed the Chrisley Knows Best star will also enjoy “a holiday movie” in prison.

Chrisley Knows Best: Court Pushes Todd & Julie’s Hearing Appeal Back, Todd Is “Unhappy”

Julie and Todd had to spend their holidays in prison. But then their attorney, Jay Surgent, revealed that the court had progressed with their appeal. The date for the appeal was in March 2024. However, now there is more sad news.

Jay Surgent has revealed that the court has now pushed the appeal back even further. The new date is in April 2024. Jay revealed that Todd was “unhappy.” However, the star is “okay with an oral appeal.”

Chrisley Knows Best

The Chrisley Knows Best pair will be in prison during Christmas. But their kids are planning to visit them in prison. Jay stated that the kids want to spend the day with their parents even if they have to do it in “an institution”. Todd and Julie’s daughter Savannah will also host the Christmas morning at their family home. After that, the kids will travel to see their parents.

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