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NEW UPDATE: Heartbreaking BODY CAM AUDIO Of Garrison Released!

Every day, something new is revealed when it comes to Sister Wives star Garrison Brown’s death. While his family is still mourning his death, they are learning a lot about things that the departed soul was facing during his last days. Amid all this, Garrison’s body cam audio started to surface on the internet.

It revealed some heartbreaking details, and it also recorded the reaction of his roommates when they first heard about this tragic incident. What did it disclose? What was his flatmates’ reaction?

Sister Wives: Garrion’s Body Cam Gives A New Turn To His Case

Garrison Brown was dealing with a lot during his last days, and Sister Wives viewers are learning about it. An audio started to surface on the internet, which further gave some insights into the entire incident. It recorded the moment when Flagstaff PD officers entered Garrison’s apartment and found his lifeless body.

As per the recording, Garrison was deceased in his room when one officer removed a “gun” from the former’s body. He noted that it was “unloaded” when he took it. This hinted that someone else touched the weapon before they reached it. The authorities decided to alert the “medical examiner” while they concluded that Garrison was deceased way before they found his body.

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The cops also found one bullet casing, and it appeared to be a suicide. However, they didn’t get any kind of note. TMZ shared a recording in which one of Garrison’s roommates learned about this incident on a call. Cheyenne was in tears and revealed that she had heard a “pop” sound that night. But she didn’t realize that it could actually be a “gunshot.”

Cheyenne stated, “I’m sorry I didn’t check on him last night.” On the other hand, another flatmate named Addison confirmed that Garrison was battling with alcoholism and depression. He even claimed that the departed soul was “intoxicated” even during the night he took his own life!

Sister Wives: Cops Closed Investigation For Garrison Brown’s Case

March 5 changed the dynamics of the Sister Wives family. They lost Garrison Brown, and things haven’t been the same since then. The cops also investigated the matter and tried to connect all the dots. They talked to Gabe and Janelle, who made some shocking revelations. The latter confirmed that her son was sending some concerning texts, and he shared an estranged relationship with Kody till his last breath.


After investigating the entire case, cops concluded that there was “no foul play.” As per the reports, it wasn’t a “homicide” from any angle. Hence, they have ruled it as “suicide.” However, the police were waiting for the “Medical Examiner’s report” as it would provide further insights. It would reveal if Garrison had any kind of drugs or alcohol in his body when he took his life.

After all this, Garrison’s family is now trying their best to keep his name alive forever. They are paying him tribute and are finding ways to honor him. However, it is evident that they would need a lot of time to move on from this incident and get back to normal.

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