New Show For Jeremy Roloff Amid Zach Quitting TLC Rumors?

Amidst the ongoing speculation surrounding Zach and Tori Roloff’s potential departure from the beloved reality show “Little People, Big World,” Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey have decided to embark on a new venture – a podcast. This exciting development was shared by the Roloff couple via their social media platforms, much to the delight of their fans.

For those closely following the Roloff family’s journey in the world of reality TV, rumors have been circulating regarding Zach and Tori’s potential exit from the show. Additionally, there has been speculation surrounding Caryn Chandler’s continued involvement in the wake of a farm deal falling apart, particularly after Zach and Tori decided to distance their children from Caryn and Matt Roloff, a move that significantly impacted their dynamic.

As these rumors continue to swirl, some fans have expressed concerns about the future of “Little People, Big World” and whether it will secure a renewal on TLC. The central question on fans’ minds is whether the show can sustain itself with a focus solely on Matt and Amy Roloff.

Amidst this climate of uncertainty, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff took to Instagram to share their exciting news of launching a podcast. Audrey enthusiastically declared, “We recorded our first episode of the podcast this weekend.” In a light-hearted manner, they revealed that they had set up their podcast studio in the room they were staying in at Audrey’s parents’ home.

Audrey hinted that both she and Jeremy are thrilled about this new podcast venture, though she playfully teased that it might be another week or so before they unveil the podcast’s name and provide additional details.

Audience Response and Expectations

Naturally, fans of “Little People, Big World” have mixed feelings about the potential departure of Zach and Tori Roloff from the show. Many viewers admit that the couple’s children are a significant reason for their continued interest in the series, and the rumors of their exit have left them unsettled.

However, the introduction of Jeremy and Audrey’s new podcast has garnered a different response from the show’s fan base. Early discussions on platforms like Reddit suggest that fans are not as enthusiastic about the podcast as the Roloff couple is. Some fans even took the opportunity to playfully point out a minor spelling error in Audrey’s announcement, given her self-proclaimed status as an author. For the most part, fans speculate that this podcast may serve as an additional income stream for Jeremy and Audrey, which some find ironic considering their decision to step away from reality TV to escape the spotlight.

The looming question remains: Will you be tuning in to Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s new podcast? Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for further updates on “Little People, Big World.” Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the show, one thing is for sure – the Roloff family continues to keep their audience engaged and intrigued.

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