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Nanny Faye’s Secret Hideout: The Truth Finally Emerges!

Fans love Nanny Faye’s adorable, endearing, and funny personality. She is Todd’s mom and was also a Chrisley Knows Best member. But now that the show is off-air, Nanny is also busy doing other things like the rest of her family.

However, some worrying news has come up about Nanny Faye. The fans remembered that she was staying in Chrisley’s Worchester home. But new news reveals that the Worchester home is empty. So, the fans are wondering what is up with Nanny Faye. They are concerned about where she is staying.

Chrisley Knows Best: The Worchester Home Is Empty! Where’s Nanny Faye?

At the height of their power, the Chrisleys had many properties. When they were in Tenessee, the family stayed in a $1.6M mansion. Then, in 2019, they purchased the Brentwood mansion, which they recently sold for profit. Apart from Todd and Julie’s properties, the kids also own some homes. Savannah had a condo and a home in Franklin, Tennessee. Her brother Chase owned the Worchester house, and Savannah once stayed there.

Then there is Nanny Faye, who had once stayed at Savannah’s Keats St. home. However, after Chase sold the house, Nany moved out of there. But the fans don’t know where the Chrisley Knows Best matriarch went, as even the Worchester house is empty. In March, Savannah posted a reel where fans saw Nanny Faye moving out, but the fans didn’t know where she went. The fans had heard Nanny saying she wanted to move somewhere without stairs. So the fans guessed she moved in with Chase.

Chrisley Knows Best

The fans thought Nanny was living with Chase in Florida. Many had also heard the latter talk about moving to Florida on TikTok with his grandmother. They are still concerned about where Nanny is. But many Redditors are also discussing the Worchester home. A Reddit OP wrote that the “house on Worchester” is “TOTALLY abandoned according to aerial Pictometry.”  They were wondering where Chase and Nanny Faye were.

Fans were increasingly concerned about Nanny Faye’s current residence. They still wondered if she was in Florida. But a Redditor said Nanny was “talking about the move” on “the podcast.” It seemed like the Chrisley Knows Best star “lives in an apartment now.” This was because she revealed she had “young people” as “neighbors.”  Her neighbors had also tried “to help when she forgot the code to get” in.

Chrisley Knows Best: Fans Spot Nanny Faye In A Shocking Place

Nanny Faye is quite humorous and jolly. But she might be going through some tough times as her son is in prison. Like the rest of the family, Nanny is praying for Todd and Julie’s quick release. But the fans still remember her weird gambling escapades.

Chrisley Knows Best

Recently, though, the fans saw the Chrisley Knows Best star at a shocking place. Nanny has been spending time with her grandkids and her dog, Miley.

A fan spotted Nanny Faye with Miley at a Walmart. They revealed she was happy and “wonderful.” Some fans remember Nanny Faye as the “only good one of the family.” So they were shocked to see her on a mundane visit to Walmart.

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