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Nanny Faye Is BACK, Joins Savannah’s Podcast!

Savannah's Surprise Guest: Nanny Faye's Shocking Revelation!

Nanny Faye’s antics and wisdom have made Chrisley Knows Best fans fall in love with her. Her simplicity and positive persona gathered attention, and she became a favorite star of the viewers. Hence, they used to sit tight and watch her on her family show. However, things went down the hill when Todd and Julie had to go behind bars.

But even after all this, viewers can now enjoy watching Nanny Faye AGAIN. Yes! She is back as she recently took over Savannah’s mic and joined her podcast. What did she talk about with her granddaughter?

Chrisley Knows Best: Nanny Faye Joins Savannah’s Podcast & Spills Some Shocking Tea

Savannah didn’t give up on her podcast even when Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie went to jail. She saw her family show getting canceled but didn’t lose her spirit. Hence, the celeb has been running her famous “Unlocked” podcast, and viewers are always keen to know what she has to offer. But this time, fans weren’t able to control their excitement as Savannah’s guest was none other than Nanny Faye.

Apparently, this came after Savannah did some serious episodes on “prison diaries” and “letters” from her mother. So, she decided to take a light turn this time and invited Nanny Faye to have a chatty session with her. The celeb dropped an episode of more than 50 minutes, which was filled with entertainment and a lot more.

Nanny Faye was in full mood to spill all the tea she knew. She talked about Todd’s escapades as a teenager and revealed how she can also party hard. Fans couldn’t control their horses, and a Reddit thread soon started to discuss the same. A viewer explained how the celeb was worth listening to because of her “wisdom, recipes, ACV remedies.” Another one admitted, “I listened, I love Nannie Faye.” Hence, it is evident that fans really enjoyed Savannah and Faye’s recent podcast episode.

Chrisley Knows Best: Where Is Nanny Faye These Days?

Chrisley Knows Best star Nanny Faye has dealt with a lot in her life. She was diagnosed with Bladder cancer, which raised concern among her viewers. The celeb underwent a painful treatment and fought the battle like a champ. After burning the midnight oil and not losing hope, Todd’s mother is now living a cancer-free life.


Fans couldn’t control their tears of joy when Nanny revealed, “I’m in remission, thank God.” Hence, she is  “out” and “moving around” these days while Todd and Julie are still in prison. Though she was shattered because of it, she is trying hard to overcome the blues of her life and is focusing more on positivity.

Nanny now has a pet named Miley, and she spends most of her time with her. A few weeks back, some viewers spotted her shopping at the Walmart with her pet. The celeb appeared to be healthy and happy. Fans were glad to know that their favorite star was leading a good life. They even took a sigh of relief when they saw Faye on Savannah’s podcast with her evergreen positive energy and witty comments.

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