Little People Big World Season 25: Everything to Know About the Cast, Plot and More

Even after so many years of reality TV fame, the Roloff family still has a lot on its plate.

From Matt Roloff’s hospitalization to building his dream home to his engagement to Tori and Zach’s stuff and beyond, there’s more to cover.

But will TLC’s cameras actually be there to capture their lives and stories?

Is Little People, Big World Season 25 happening?

We would love to begin this article by announcing that TLC has officially announced that Little People, Big World is returning for Season 25.

Maybe they’d allow the Roloff family to share the news first. Maybe they would put out their own press release as a network. Or perhaps they would just drop a trailer for everyone to see.

Unfortunately, we need to dig a little deeper than that. Because, as of mid-June of 2023, Season 25 remains unconfirmed.

That means that we don’t officially have confirmation — or even a ballpark estimate of a return date.

Officially, that is.

We can at least say that there are some extremely strong clues that Season 25 will happen.

The first of the clues come from family patriarch Matt Roloff himself.

He shared multiple photos back in February of this year, showing off the state of the farm in the midst of a major snowstorm.

The clue? Well, fans spotted someone working a camera in the background. By far the most likely explanation is that this was a production and camera crew, filming Season 25.

The next clue comes from Amy Roloff.

On Instagram Live, back in April of this year, she was talking about her adorable pup.

And, even though she is a reality TV veteran, Amy let a little something slip.

While describing Daisy’s habits, Amy shared that Daisy likes to curl up at her feet to sleep.

Specifically, she likes to do this while Amy is filming interviews for the show. That was a pretty strong hint at a new season.

To add to that, viewers spotted cameras and the sound crew in the background. Amy was clearly communicating with fans during a short break from filming.

We don’t know when the season will come out.

But we can speculate as to what the season might cover.

For one thing, Matt’s hospitalization in May could very well end up covered during the series. A lot of fans felt concerned for the guy.

And we can also expect plenty more about Matt’s life, from building his dream home to his engagement to Caryn Chandler.

Amy Roloff and her life will come into play. So, too, will Tori and Zach’s family ups and downs.

There could be some surprises along the way, too! Only time will tell.

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