Kevin Costner Reportedly Believes His Ex-Wife Christine Had a Singular Motive for Divorce

Kevin Costner Allegedly Believes His Ex-Wife Christine Had a Singular Objective in Their Divorce Drama

Kevin Costner Allegedly Believes His Ex-Wife Christine Had a Singular Objective in Their Divorce Drama

In the aftermath of a divorce saga that unraveled like a Hollywood drama, Kevin Costner found himself combating the fallout from his split with ex-wife Christine Baumgartner. Despite the legal dust settling after four long months of intense courtroom battles, the repercussions of their divorce have left the acclaimed actor with lingering emotions of discontent. As per US Weekly, when Baumgartner initiated divorce proceedings in May, the situation quickly escalated into a legal combat zone. Costner, eager to enforce their prenuptial agreement, sought her eviction from their family home. In retaliation, Baumgartner aimed for the financial jugular, initially requesting a whopping $248,000 per month in child support for their three children.

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As per She Knows, the legal drama extended to property feuds, Costner’s finances, and even disagreements over who laid claim to silverware. Eventually, a divorce settlement was reached in mid-September, with 68-year-old Costner being obligated to pay $63,000 in child support every month. Meanwhile, 49-year-old Baumgartner has to contribute $14,000 towards Costner’s legal fees for contesting the prenuptial agreement.

But the buck doesn’t stop here. Apparently, despite having reached a legal settlement, the wounds still run deep for Costner. A source revealed to In Touch Weekly, “He’s convinced she’s been trying to make him look bad all along. As per this insider, “Without a doubt, Kevin felt Christine was attempting to take him to the cleaners. This divorce is one of the hardest things he’s ever been through.”

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Costner, well known for his private nature, found the public revelation of his personal details about his marriage and lifestyle to be a distressing ordeal. The source further continued, “For an ultra-private star like Kevin, who keeps things close to his chest, having personal details about his marriage and lifestyle continue to be aired out in public is the last thing he needed. He wanted to stop the madness.”

The source insinuated that Costner, although willing to meet his parental responsibilities, was wary of the outrageous child support figure. “What the judge ordered him to pay in child support is fair — Kevin feared that anything more than that would go straight into Christine’s pocket to be used for her high-end lifestyle,” the insider asserted.

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The source emphasized that Costner’s prime concern is his children: Cayden Wyatt, Hayes Logan, and Grace Avery. Skeptical of probable attempts to turn them against him, Costner is focused on maintaining a consistently strong presence in their lives. “Kevin’s kids are his priority. He’s a little worried Christine will try to turn them against him, so he’s trying to counter that by being there for them as much as possible. He’s still adjusting to this new life and doing the best he can,” the source exclaimed. For Costner, the divorce may be legally settled. Still, the emotional repercussions linger, serving as a poignant reminder that even for a seasoned Hollywood veteran, the personal toll of a publicized split can be an arduous journey of self-adjustment.

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