Kevin Costner Plays Coy When Asked About Ex Christine Baumgartner’s New Romance With Josh Connor

Kevin Costner doesn’t appear to want to address his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner’s new romance with his former neighbor, Josh Connor.

“I don’t have a next-door neighbor,” the “Yellowstone” alum told a paparazzo at LAX on Thursday when asked if he had any thoughts on Baumgartner, 49, dating his “neighbor,” according to footage obtained by Entertainment Tonight.

While the photographer attempted to reframe the question, Costner declined to respond further.

The paparazzo continued to pepper the “Field of Dreams” star, 69, as he and his team waited for an elevator, prompting him to smirk before the doors closed.

Costner and the handbag designer, 49, settled their contentious divorce in September after months of feuding over spousal and child support.

Over the summer, Baumgartner took the stand in court during their divorce proceedings and denied being romantically involved with Connor, with whom she had been spotted vacationing in Hawaii.

Kevin Costner didn’t want to answer questions about his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner’s new romance with his former neighbor.

“I don’t have a next-door neighbor,” the Yellowstone alum told a paparazzo when asked about Josh Connor (pictured with Baumgartner). BACKGRID
Months later, however, a source confirmed to People magazine that Baumgartner and Connor were dating.

“Josh was initially just a friend,” a friend of Baumgartner told the publication.

“[Christine] likes hanging out with him. He is a divorced dad and understands what she’s been going through.”

The handbag designer’s relationship with Connor was confirmed earlier this month.

The pair are said to have bonded over “the ocean and beach life.”

“It’s something that makes Christine happy,” the pal added.

Costner and Baumgartner settled their contentious divorce in September.

Although the former model initially denied dating Connor, the Costner allegedly had an inkling that they were more than just friends.

“Kevin had strong suspicions that something was going on between Christine and Josh,” a source told Us Weekly.

The “Field of Dreams” star has struck up a romance with singer Jewel.

“Their close [bond] was a real elephant in the room.”

The “Highwaymen” star also has moved on, having struck up a relationship with singer Jewel.

“Christine doesn’t think Kevin has anything to complain about,” the source added. “Josh has been Christine’s rock throughout the divorce ordeal. If Kevin has a problem with that, that’s on him.”

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