Kelly Reilly Issues Urgent Alert to Yellowstone Fans Before Spin-Off Announcement

Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly Drops Mysterious Spin-Off Teaser for Fans

Before You Watch: Kelly Reilly’s Surprising Warning About the Yellowstone Spin-Off

Before any official news broke about a new Yellowstone spin-off, Kelly Reilly gave her fans a heads-up to take the rumor mill with a grain of salt.

Yellowstone Spin-Off Shock: Kelly Reilly’s Cautionary Message to Fans

Back in March, chatter started about Kelly’s involvement in this next chapter.

She chatted with Radio Times, making it clear that her priority w as wrapping up the final episodes of Yellowstone.


She then threw in a caution for her fans, “don’t believe everything you read.”

About the series’ future, Kelly tossed out that there were talks happening, but a lot of what’s floating around was just noise.

Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly Drops Mysterious Spin-Off Teaser for Fans

“And what goes on beyond that?” she stated regarding the end of Yellowstone. “There are discussions, you know. Don’t believe everything you read. It’s just nonsense… ”

Why Kelly Reilly is Telling Yellowstone Fans to Brace Themselves for Spin-Off News

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Kelly, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes were initially hesitant to commit without a negotiation about their salaries.

Recent updates from Puck reveal that they’re on the verge of finalizing their contracts to reprise their roles as Rip Wheeler, Beth Dutton, and Kayce Dutton, respectively.

The storyline will pick up right after the dramatic events of Yellowstone’s season 5, part 2.

Following the departure of Kevin Costner in May 2023, a new chapter of the series was teased, sparking interest in potential new leads.

Rumors floated around that Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Pfeiffer might join the cast, depending on their approval of the show’s direction.

The involvement of these high-profile actors remains uncertain as discussions continue.

Although the Yellowstone spin-off was announced a year ago, many details about it are still under wraps.

A teaser last November suggested it might be titled 2024, aligning with the show’s tradition of using historical years in spinoff titles.

The series promises to maintain the core elements that have endeared it to viewers, with long-time characters like Luke, Cole, and Kelly expected to carry on.

The beloved duo, Beth and Rip, have especially captured fans’ hearts, suggesting they will likely weather whatever intense finale Yellowstone has in store.

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