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Janelle Shares Update On How Gabe Is Coping Up With Big Brother’s Death!

Janelle Brown has been focusing on her other children while grieving the loss of Garrison Brown. She has been in a devastating space since the tragedy. However, the Sister Wives star has been leaning on other children for support after losing her dearest son. Garrison Brown has been struggling with his mental issues before committing suicide. Unfortunately, Janelle lost her son before she tried reaching out for help.

Hence, Janelle has been trying to stay closer to her other children and keeping an eye on their health. Gabe has been deeply affected by his brother’s death. He was the first person to find his sibling dead inside his Flagstaff home. Hence, fans have been concerned for the reality TV star’s health since then. Finally, Janelle gave her viewers an update on Gabriel Brown in a new social media post.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shares An Update With Gabe!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been traveling to different places since losing her son. She has been spending more time with her children and cherishing every moment with them. Previously, she went to North Carolina to stay with her eldest daughter, Maddie. The TLC star also went to Arkansas with her son Logan Brown and his wife Michelle for the solar eclipse.

Fans were happy to see that Janelle has been distracting herself and focusing on the good things in life. Some fans are also assuming that she has been avoiding living in Flagstaff to stay away from her son’s precious memories. Now, it turns out that the reality TV celeb has finally returned to Flagstaff.

Recently, Janelle shared an update on Instagram about a special “friend-giving” party with her son, Gabe Brown. The latter has been keeping a low profile since the death of his brother. Fans have been concerned about the reality TV celebrity after his appearance at Garrison’s memorial service. Janelle captured her son sitting with his friends while enjoying a delicious meal.

Gabriel Brown flashed his sweet smile from the side as the table was filled with some amazing food. Janelle wrote, “I’m back in Flagstaff this week.” She went ahead and explained that her son’s friends held a “friends-giving” as one of the groups had an international student at NAU. Hence, the TLC star had to enjoy the Australian dishes, including sausage rolls and lamingtons.

Sister Wives: Fans Are Happy To See Gabe Brown With His Innocent Smile!

Gabe and Garrison Brown have been very close since childhood. They had a strained relationship with their father, Kody Brown. Unfortunately, Gabe was the first person to find his brother dead at his apartment. Sister Wives fans could understand the TLC star’s pain after going through the terrible phase. Gabe also looked devastated at the funeral service of his brother.

He was seated in a heartbroken and helpless state at his brother’s funeral behind his mom. Janelle’s recent update about her son made her fans happy. One fan said, “I hope Gabe is doing okay.” Meanwhile, others gushed over the smiling faces in the pictures. Further, some of them pointed at the TLC star’s gorgeous curls and his beautiful smile.

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