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Is Savannah Chrisley Battling Cancer? Her Latest Update Sparks Concerns

The Chrisley Knows Best viewers have always loved Savannah. She always spreads positivity and lits up the room with her optimistic personality. However, she had to watch her family shattering as her parents had to go behind bars. Yet, the star kid hasn’t lost hope and is supporting her family amid her several health conditions. Lately, there have been several speculations that claim that Savannah might have cancer, just like Nanny Faye! Shocking, isn’t it? To know more about the same, keep on reading.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Diagnosed With Cancer? Fans Confused

As per the current scenario, Savannah is the one who is looking after her entire family amid her parent’s imprisonment. The Chrisley Knows Best star kid is dealing with a lot lately. She has been trying to stay optimistic and positive and has a strong faith that things will fall into place soon. Lately, there have been several speculations that claim that Savannah might be dealing with some serious health conditions as well. A common interpretation was that she was struggling with cancer just like her grandmother, as per Realitytitbit. Since then, the viewers have been really worried about Savannah’s health and have been hoping that she is doing well.

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Fans can take a sigh of relief as Savannah does not have cancer. However, she struggles with other medical conditions. Viewers might be aware that the star has had endometriosis since her teenage days. Intially, Chrisley wasn’t able to diagnose it and thought that it was normal period pains. Over the years, her pain became “excruciating,” and she was rushed to the hospital for the same. Savannah had an IUD inserted, but that also broke eventually. As per the reports, she has undergone three surgeries in total and is doing fine these days.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Shares Update On Nanny Faye’s Health!

The Chrisley Knows Best star Nanny Faye was diagnosed with “Bladder Cancer” in 2021. Since then, she used to go for her treatment “once a week” and has been trying to stay positive amid her health conditions. Lately, the viewers have been curious to know how Nanny Faye was doing these days and wanted to know the recent health updates of the star. Hence, the 79-year-old decided to join her grandkid Savannah on her podcast and talk about her illness. She revealed that she “kept her spirits high” during her chemotherapy treatment procedures.

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Nanny Faye admitted with utmost optimism that the world doesn’t always give a person a good deck of cards. So she needs to play with them in the best way possible. The star further added that she goes to bed early and rises early, which makes her healthy, wealthy, and wise. Hence, every morning she gets up, brushes herself off, and tends to keep on going in her life. The viewers were happy to learn that Nanny is doing great these days as she even visited her “happy place,” i.e., Casino. The 79-year-old further added that she was grateful as there wasn’t even a single treatment when her granddaughter Savannah didn’t come with her.

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